Homeopathy is an age-old medical system that originated in Germany but is used worldwide today. It is based on the belief that the body is able to cure any ailments by itself with the help of some natural materials, such as minerals and plants. The basis of this treatment is “like cures like”. This means that natural elements that cause the same symptoms of the ailment, when used in very small quantities, can actually trigger biological healing in the body. Homeopathic remedies can be applied to most kinds of ailments. This includes homeopathic remedies for dental pain.


Homeopathic Remedies For Dental Pain

Dental pain is often associated with inflammation resulting from injury, tooth decay or gum disease. Whilst you still have to visit your dentist to fix the cause of your dental pain, there are a few well-known homeopathic remedies that can minimize the discomfort until then. 

Visit your local homeopathic store for one of these remedies:



Hypericum is good for nerve pain. It will soothe sharp pains and numbness or tingling. This remedy is also used for nerve-related procedures, such as root canal treatment.



Who can forget about Arnica? Arnica is the go-to homeopathic remedy for injuries and bruising in general. Arnica is indicated for dental pain relief especially after a tooth extraction or filling. 

For any serious dental procedures, such as taking out a wisdom tooth, Arnica 200C should be taken one time as close to the procedure as possible and once more after the procedure.



This is prescribed in instances where the pain is pounding, especially when there is jaw movement or contact. Belladonna is particularly helpful when you’re experiencing a fever. You may also have a dry mouth.



Plantago can relieve dental pain due to tooth sensitivity. Teeth may feel very sensitive when exposed to either hot or cold beverages. Some other symptoms you may experience with dental sensitivity are: producing too much saliva, swelling in one or both cheeks, tooth pain and pain that radiates towards the ears. 



Pain from an abscess in the root of the tooth can be treated with Silicea. An abscess is a pus-filled cavity that develops when there is bacterial overgrowth in the base of the tooth. In this case, the affected area of the gum is very sensitive to touch and swollen from the inflammation. The inflammation can also be accompanied by fever.



This homeopathic remedy is good for pain due to nerve sensitivity and pain that radiates towards the ears. Exposing the teeth to warm beverages seems to worsen the pain and the pain causes mental anguish for the sufferer. Chamomilla soothes both the pain and decreases the sensitivity to the pain experienced.



This treatment is also great for tooth sensitivity. It reduces dental pain after exposure to extreme temperatures. It is effective when the person either experiences pain in teeth that are decaying or in healthy teeth. Other symptoms may include an overproduction of saliva from the mouth and bleeding from the gums.


Merc Sol

This remedy is best for dental pain that is associated with excessive saliva production and bad breath. This person will also experience tooth sensitivity to heat and cold. This could be due to partial tooth decay on the crown. Other indications requiring Merc Sol include:

  • bleeding gums.
  • dry mouth with excessive thirst.
  • the feeling of having loose teeth.


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homeopathic remedies for dental pain

Dr. Nabil Mockbil received his DDS in 2001 from Umea University in Sweden, regarded as having the best dentist program in Sweden for undergraduates. He’s now the founder of Swedish Dental Clinic in Dubai.

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