Dogs are usually resilient creatures, but they also fall prey to common diseases. Some of the diseases that affect dogs may include external factors such as ticks or flea bites, and some might be inherited. Many dog related health issues can be treated without the help of western medicine. In this article, I will show you how homeopathy for dogs is an equally, if not, more effective solution for dog health.

Homeopathy for Dogs


What’s Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is an energy based, holistic system of natural healing that aims to treat the person (or dog), not just the disease. For many simple and common accidents and illnesses, it’s very simple to use. Homeopathic remedies number in the thousands and are derived from a wide variety of substances and materials. These include plants, minerals, herbs, animals, nosodes, and more. But you only need to learn some of the rules of homeopathy and have about a dozen remedies to be off and running.

Most of the commonly used remedies are inexpensive and easy to find. They can be found at most health food markets, some human pharmacies, online at a multitude of sites and even at K-Mart. I suggest you compile a kit of common remedies to have ready and waiting when minor emergencies occur. Often, there is not enough time to run to the store to find a remedy, especially on weekends or holidays!

Homeopathy for Dogs

Homeopathy For Dogs


These homeopathic remedies for dog illnesses could do the trick:


Apis Mellifica


Apis Mellifica can help against bee and other insect bites. You need to give Apis every 20 minutes in few doses after a bee sting.




We are not talking about the powder. The remedy is useful for the dogs that suffer from a fear of large noises such as fireworks, loud music and thunderstorms etc. You can give this at 6c potency during a festival season. Twice a day would be a perfect dose.




Calendula can be used as an external ointment for skin related infections. It can also be given orally as well for minor infections. However, it needs to be diluted properly for oral intake. This also works as a healing agent and can be used on minor cuts and bruises on the dog’s skin.



Hypericum is a great remedy for any pain related issue. If there are any injuries to your dog’s nerve related areas, you can use Hypercium to treat it. It comes in quite handy when you try to cut your dog’s toenails and mistakenly cut it too short. Using this remedy here would provide pain relief to your dog.



Some dogs suffer a lot due to anal sac infections. This remedy can be a blessing for dogs that are prone to anal sac problems.




Silicea (or Silica) helps in pushing out splinters or foxtails out of your dog’s skin. It can also help in releasing fleas or ticks from your dog’s skin.




Ledum should be your first preference for any type of insect bites, especially to treat puncture wounds. It has a cooling effect and the area appears bruised rather than looking hot and red.



Arnica is the #1 remedy for injuries and bruises in dogs (as well as in humans). In any accident, injury, fight, etc., Arnica should be the first remedy tried before looking into other remedies.


With a small investment and a little planning, you can build your own homeopathy kit. These remedies aren’t that difficult to use and can give your dog fast and effective relief from many common injuries and illnesses.

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