The British royal family’s love for homeopathy products has been one of the most ventilated matters. It has made headlines for the past few years. With various regulatory bodies across the world sullying the reputation of homeopathics, the royal family’s unwavering faith in homeopathy has astonished many. This has indirectly encouraged many doctors and patients to push back against the prejudice based on the alleged implausibility of homeopathy.

Apart from monarchs, a huge percentage of the global population prefers homeopathy over other kinds of medicinal treatments. This shows the widespread popularity of homeopathy products among patients all over the world. Consumers believe that homeopathy is much more than just a placebo effect. They also believe in its effectiveness to cure various chronic diseases. This is helping to broaden the range of applications of homeopathy products worldwide.

Growing demand for homeopathy products is giving rise to research activities in all the aspects of homeopathy. Healthcare professionals across the world are pushing extensive research in homeopathy medicine for the prevention of various diseases.


Homeopathy Products in Emergency Medicine

Homeopathy products are commonly accepted for their slow but positive effect on a patient’s health. This is the reason why people presume homeopathy medicines to be unsuitable for treating life-threatening illnesses. As homeopathy is “scientifically unproven”, a negligible amount of patients opt for homeopathic intervention for life-threatening and terminal illnesses. Also, a majority of homeopaths work in private clinics, versus an emergency center. They lack an experience in the field of emergency medicines, although they do have experience treating acute emergencies. This is case whether alone or alongside medical doctors.

However, homeopathy products were administered along with conventional orthopedic treatment to a number of severely injured patients during a multiple-casualty construction disaster in Israel. It was one of the rare incidences where an emergency situation was handled by using complementary medicines in conjunction with conventional medicines.

The experiment of using homeopathy medicines to supplement conventional medicines was proven successful. A majority of patients felt less anxious and traumatized along with improvements in their physical health.

The number of cases where the use of homeopathy products proved remarkably effective in treatments for terminal illnesses is multiplying at a rapid pace.

Various ongoing research about establishing a connection and cooperation between homeopathy and conventional methods is likely to boost the use of homeopathy products in emergency medicine in the near future.


Homeopathy Products for Animal Health

Despite the fact that homeopathy is scientifically unproven, a majority of people rely on homeopathy products; not just for themselves but also for their pets.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland states that there is no evidence to prove that using homeopathy products puts animals at risk. A huge number of veterinarians and pet owners are supporting the use of homeopathy to ensure and protect health of animals.

A majority of companies manufacturing homeopathy products are investing heavily in veterinary research in homeopathy. This is correlated with the increasing popularity of these products among pet owners. With a significant growth in demand for homeopathy products among pet owners as well livestock farmers, a mounting number of companies are focusing on manufacturing homeopathy products for animals. Developing homeopathy products for a variety of animal diseases continues to remain an area of focus for manufacturers.

In addition, an increasing number of pet grooming centers are beginning to offer holistic pet care services including aromatherapy as well as homeopathy. The rise in use of alternative medicines as animal first aid indicates the possibility of applications of homeopathy for general veterinary medicine.


Homeopathy Products for Plant Health

While health and wellness applications of homeopathy products among humans as well as animals are prevailing worldwide, established manufacturers of homeopathy products are entering the plant health domain.

Enhancing plants with homeopathy is a completely distinctive approach. It is also gauging the future of current research in homeopathy. Homeopathy has already established its place in the agriculture sector and it commonly referred as “agro-homeopathy”.

Homeopathic experts and agricultural scientists are collaborating to put homeopathy products to use in treating diseased plants. Homeopathy is taking root in the agriculture sector not only to develop pest-resistance, but also to generate intrinsic self-protection mechanism in plants. The therapeutic efficacy of homeopathy products in eliminating causes of weakness in plants is opening a window of opportunities for homeopathy products manufacturing companies.

Benefits of agro-homeopathy as manifold as homeopathy medicines for plants are organic, cost-effective, and easy to administer. Using homeopathy products to improve plant health is helping organic farmers to take biodynamic farming to a whole new level. Being a chemical-free way of farming, agro-homeopathy is helping farmers to bolster plant health and increase agricultural production.


Homeopathic Products Redefine The Future

Homeopathy is gaining ground owing to the diversity of the applications in human, animal, and plant health. Although homeopathy is criticized for its “lack of scientific evidence”, the future still looks bright.


The insights presented here are from a research study on Homeopathy Products Market by Fact.MR.


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Nandini is a Market Research Consultant with Fact.MR. She has a strong background in working across various verticals of healthcare including Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Healthcare IT. Within consulting engagements she has experience in development and advisory of corporate strategies in conjunction with the client’s top management. She has offered brand management and strategy consulting to two of China’s leading healthcare companies.

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