Your honeymoon is all about relaxing and rejuvenating after the stress of wedding planning. Check out these 5 tips for practicing mindfulness on your trip.

When the stress of wedding planning is over, you and your new spouse will likely embark on another adventure to kickstart your newlywed bliss—your honeymoon. This vacation is a chance to relax, unwind, and connect deeper with your partner, without friends and family around. 

Practicing mindfulness and living in the present moment throughout your trip is a great way to take advantage of this intimate time. Your mindfulness journey can start even before your trip begins. 

Check out these five tips for practicing mindfulness on your honeymoon: 

1. Pack minimally

Cut down on stress and decisions during the trip by eliminating choices from your suitcase. Embrace minimalism as you pack so you don’t end up with tons of extra stuff to clutter up your bag, hotel room, and mind. Plan each outfit for the trip and leave the excess at home. Check out more tips to pack mindfully from National Geographic. 

2. Unplug

You can’t take full advantage of the present moment when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. Put down your phone and spend that extra time connecting with your partner. Remember that you don’t need your addictive screen in order to find restaurants or activities at your destination, either. Take time to explore your surroundings and ask local residents (or your hotel staff) for their advice on what to see and do. View nature

3. View nature

Spending time outside is a great way to increase trust, cooperation, and closeness with your spouse, according to this recent study. Viewing nature also helps inspire feelings of awe, gratitude, and positive emotions. 

Choose a honeymoon destination where you can take advantage of time outdoors. If you’re near a coastline or body of water, consider booking a snorkeling adventure or sunset cruise. If you’re near mountains or a rugged landscape, research hikes and nearby trails to walk. Even cosmopolitan destinations such as cities have outdoor gardens, parks, or conservatories to take advantage of. 


4. Learn Something New

Another great way to expand your horizons and deepen your perspective is by learning something new, together. Signing up for a cooking class is a great way to get a taste of your destination’s cuisine. If you’re looking for something more active, consider signing up for yoga or sailing lessons. Even taking a dance class lets you experience local rhythm and culture. 

5. Write Down Memories

The best way to document your mindful journey with your new spouse is by keeping a journal throughout your trip. Write memories down while they are still fresh in your mind. We recommend journaling before bed each night. Take 5-10 minutes to jot down your favorite moments from the day. If you do find yourself homesick, take that opportunity to express what you are grateful for back home, whether it be a pet, child, family, or friends. 

Mindfulness is a great practice for your honeymoon because it will let you enjoy the present moment full of new and intimate moments with your spouse.

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