Cannabis is now the most popular drug in the world.  It is being used as an entheogen, recreational drug and as medicine. For some, it’s a way to relax or relieve pain; to others, it’s a dangerous and addictive drug. Whatever your thoughts on marijuana, it’s hard to deny the impact it has had on the world. Here’s 5 ways that cannabis culture is changing the world:

1. Medical Cannabis

There is an increasing demand of marijuana seeds for medical use. Cannabis is shown to be the cure for a number of diseases ranging from nausea and chronic pain to diseases that were deemed terminal like cancer and HIV. The best khalifa kush strains are effective in providing relief from chronic pain. It has given hope to millions of patients suffering from chronic illnesses worldwide and can potentially revolutionize the medical industry. 


2. Therapy

One of the main reasons for the popularity of cannabis is its ability to make people feel relaxed and calm in a world where depression, anxiety, and panic attack are increasing at such a rapid rate that they’ve become life-threatening. Several therapists and practitioners recommend
CBD for anxiety. THC, the psychoactive compound present in cannabis gives a feeling of euphoria and can help ease your mind and relax your body.


3. Canna-Industries

As the cannabis industry persists to grow with its legalization, it is providing industries significant opportunities to grow and expand their business. Cannabis infused edibles are making their appearance in the market and are a popular form of cannabis consumption. Topicals like creams, oils, lip-balms, and scrubs are already being manufactured by big brands like The Body Shop. CBD oil, prepared from cannabis seeds is being used extensively without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. These industries are popularly known as the “canna-industries.”


4.  Natural and Safe

Owing to its natural treatment, people are switching to cannabis as a safe alternative to harmful painkillers and drugs. Cannabis can be grown by people in their homes and hence they’re better aware of its source and method of cultivation. Almost 60,000 people die annually from opioid and drug overdose in the world. And many more are victim to its dangerous side effects. Medical cannabis can help prevent these deaths and provide a safe cure with little or no side effects.

5. Economic Benefits

Cannabis is the highest value cash crop on the planet. The rapid legalization of cannabis is catching the attention of many investors worldwide. With such a large consumer base, it is guaranteed to bring in major profits. With investment comes employment. Cannabis can thus help to create employment opportunities in a place where its use is legalized. Considering it’s countless benefits, many countries are rapidly moving towards the use of medical cannabis for the well being of its people and the country’s economy as a whole.


Cannabis Is Changing The World For The Long Run

Cannabis is currently legalized in 29 states and Washington D.C. It is legalized for recreational use in 9 states including Washington D.C. Many states are considering it’s legalization and cannabis enthusiasts are fighting hard for its legalization and growth of the cannabis culture through dispensaries, the media, protests, online, and other traditional channels.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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