If you are or have been a smoker with interest in tech, you are probably familiar with vaping. The online world is flooded with all sorts of information about vaping, especially CBD vaping. It can be hard to wrap your head around so much information. What makes it even harder is that so many sources state the opposite facts.

Today we are going to shine some light on CBD vape. More precisely, we will take a closer look at CBD, CBD vape oil, and how CBD vape makes you feel. Let’s start with basics and see what CBD is all about.

What is CBD: A Quick Recap

CBD is derived from the hemp plants. The primary misconception is that it often comes from the common marijuana plant (Cannabis Sativa). The marijuana plant has dozens of biochemically active substances. The two most popular are CBD and THC, which stand for cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, respectively. 

On the other hand, the hemp plant contains CBD in abundance and a tiny amount of THC. It was selectively bred for industrial use. CBD is a cannabinoid, like THC. However, it doesn’t induce the same effects as THC, which is known for its powerful psychoactive properties.

Since CBD doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects, it has been legalized worldwide. Today, you can even order CBD-based products, including CBD vape oils online, for personal consumption.

What is CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil is one of the newest members of the CBD-based products family. It is derived from hemp plants. It is basically CBD infused in your regular e-juice. CBD vape oil doesn’t contain THC. It is legal to purchase it around the globe, including all 50 states in the US. 

The vape part in the name indicates that CBD vape oil is built to be consumed via vaporizers. CBD vape oils come in two variants: CBD vape cartridges and CBD vape oil refill bottles. You can use oil in specialized vape mods or use safe CBD vape pens for the optimal experience.

The delivery method is one thing that differentiates CBD vape oil from other CBD-based products. The CBD vape oil gets vaporized, and you inhale the vapor that contains CBD. Simple as that. You should also know that retailers offer hundreds of different CBD vape oil. While they all deliver the same effect, that’s why we love CBDfx gummies and they offer a plethora of different flavors to enhance your vaping experience. 

CBD Vape Oils And The “High” Effect

Over the years, vaping CBD oils has become one of the most common ways to use CBD. There is one reason that can explain such a trend. While most CBD-based products deliver the same effects, inhaling CBD seems to provide the onset of CBD effects in the fastest way possible. But the question here is whether vaping CBD oil can get you high.

While THC is a psychoactive compound, the more appropriate term for CBD is mood-altering compound. What’s the difference? The difference lies in the effects of intoxication. THC is intoxicating. It can alter the perception of time and space, or even induce the effect of euphoria.

On the other hand, CBD has no such effects often associated with the term “high.” CBD offers something quite the opposite. It promotes calmness and relaxation, making CBD vape oils quite popular in vaping communities worldwide.

What are the Effects of Vaping CBD Oil?

If CBD vape oils don’t induce that “high” effect, what do they actually do? When you inhale a CBD oil vapor, CBD gets into your bloodstream and binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors in your central and peripheral nervous system. These receptors regulate mood, pain management, and appetite. 

CBD can induce a feeling of calmness and promote relaxation. CBD has already proven helpful in treating insomnia and anxiety. Vaping CBD oils may help you achieve the same effects. You can also check various cannabis strains for  yourself like shatter, indica, sativa,etc,.

Vaping CBD oil can also help you if you are experiencing chronic pain. The pain-relieving effect of CBD has been proven in patients with various chronic pain conditions. CBD vape oils can also benefit people with specific seizure disorders, inducing severe and rare forms of epilepsy.

Bear in mind that all of these effects are associated with CBD vape oils derived from a hemp plant. Keep your eye open, read the labels on CBD vape oils, and stay away from vape oils containing synthetic cannabinoids.

To sum up, CBD vape oil makes you feel calm and relaxed. It can help treat insomnia and anxiety. Thanks to CBD anti-inflammatory properties, a CBD vape oil can help treat chronic pain. The bottom line is that CBD has no intoxicating effects and delivers quite a different feel than its counterpart THC.

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