The laminar flow hood is a crucial piece of lab equipment which ensures safety and security for the lab workers from various types of toxic fumes and gases inside the laboratory. It is for this reason that you must have a strict maintenance policy for your laminar hoods. This will ensure that your laminar flow hood is not only working properly but also does not get damaged in any manner. In this small article, you will learn about some of the most effective methods by which you can manage your horizontal laminar flow hood.

Regular cleaning

This is important. Since, the laminar flow hood’s prime duty is to ensure that contaminated air flows out of the lab and clean air circulates in the working environment, so the laminar flow hood must never be dirty by itself. Regular cleaning ensures that there is no deposit of dust, moisture, toxic residues and so on. These deposits can collect over time and result in jamming your horizontal laminar flow hood which will mean that the device will not work properly anymore. Thus, ensure that you clean up your laminar flow hood at least about once every week. This will protect the device from any form of particulate contamination.

Dry and clean

See to it that no lab workers use water or any form of liquid to clean the horizontal laminar flow hoods. It is important to clean the laminar flow hood with dry desiccants which will absorb the moisture and then you can clean the device by wiping it with a soft and dry cloth. If you use liquids to clean the device, then it can lead to moisture deposits in certain areas where microbes and fungus can grow. This will result in contaminating the air and your laminar flow hood will be rendered useless.

Clean the filters: Check every three months if the filters in your horizontal laminar flow hood are working properly or not. Over time, a lot of dust and other deposits can accumulate on the filters which can reduce its effectiveness. So, check for these issues once every three months when you should dismantle the device and take out the air filters and manually check for any form of deposits.

Customer care: In the event that you should face any issue with your horizontal laminar flow hood, then you must immediately contact the customer care helpline and seek assistance. You should not try to resolve any problem by yourself because it may compromise the safety features of this device. In addition, you must also check for added new features in the newer laminar flow hood models and see if you can adopt any of them in your own device also.

These are the basic ways by which you can effectively manage your horizontal laminar flow hoods. This will ensure that your device stays functional for a long period of time without facing any problems. You can get horizontal laminar flow hoods from both online and offline suppliers.

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