Are you worried or bored with smoking cannabis? Well, one of the biggest advantages of the recent cannabis revolution is the availability of a spectrum of other potent and powerful alternative methods to consume the plant. These methods promise a significant engagement with this impeccable herb and also promise a safer journey with weed. 

So if you would like to take a break from joints and bongs, then here are some elegant ways to consume cannabis easily. 


One of the oldest and most effective forms of consuming marijuana, other than thorough smoking, is through edibles. The history of pot brownies or hash brownies dates back to many years. Many say that edibles offer a more satisfying and controlled experience with marijuana as compared to any other method, which is quite true. It is one of the reasons why the options for cannabis-infused edibles have expanded in the past few years. Today brands are launching cannabis-infused edible lines such as chocolates, candies, energy drink mix, smoothie mix. There are also incredible cannabis-infused ingredients to induce into recipes such as butter, olive oil, honey, mayonnaise. CBD oil is also becoming an active ingredient for cooking. You can learn more about cooking with the best cannabis seeds to experiment with a few recipes. There are options for cannabis-infused beverages like energy drinks, flavored drinks, and alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer. Now there is an amazing Place To Get Smoking Accessories Wholesale online at Gomwi.

Cannabis edibles typically take anywhere between 30 -90 minutes to kick in. The effects slowly kick in as the digestion process happens and remain for at least 6-8 hours while the cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream. Edibles are an appropriate way to consume marijuana for both medicinal as well as recreational purposes as different strains like budget buds, sativa offer different effects. Dosage levels for edibles are quite different as the effects take a while to kick in. Hence it is essential to take small and steady dosages to ensure you have a comfortable trip. 


Dabbing is yet another potent method for consuming marijuana. Dab concentrates use a powerful mixture of cannabis extract that contains about 60-90% composition of THC. They are made from hash oil and are a quite strong form of marijuana. The concentrates are placed on a hot surface and vaporized. It then interacts with the body through CB receptors located in the lungs to induce the effects. Dab oils have a strong flavour and are quite enjoyable. 

Similar to dabbing, a few other concentrates include waxes or oils. These are also extracted from the cannabis plant and require a special type of vaporizer to consume. 


Tinctures are alcohol concentrates of cannabis extract that contains terpenes and cannabinoids, apart from the plant material. It is specifically extracted using high-proof alcohol, which makes it appropriate for oral ingestion. Cannabis tinctures are usually taken through a dropper. It is placed straight on the tongue for the best benefits. The dosage might vary based on an individual’s requirement.

It is a simple yet effective way to consume marijuana as the effects take less than three minutes to kick in. It could last up to three hours based on the dosage intensity and is beneficial for treating pain, anxiety, inflammation. Like tinctures, there are gums, suckers, breath strips, or cannabis drops are other sublingual methods where the THC gets absorbed into the bloodstream. It usually has a raw, earthy taste, unless there are any flavouring agents added to it. It leaves no residues and is quite frankly a wonderful way to consume cannabis.  



Vaping is among the most common and popular alternatives to smoking marijuana. Vape juices for e-cigarettes that contain a mixture of cannabis extracts along with flavouring agents are available in markets. Some vaporizers are appropriate for vaping cannabis herbs or hash oil as well. The device utilizes a simple heating mechanism through coils that slowly vaporizes the e-juice or herb for inhaling. 

There are variable levels of cannabis concentration available in e-juices for different applications. The entire process takes less than three minutes, and the effects kick in almost immediately. They last for about 2- 3 hours and are ideal for treating acute pain conditions, depression, panic attacks. It is also useful for recreational use of weed. 


The safe and effective CBD pills are a simple way to utilize weed, especially for medicinal purposes. They contain CBD oil or cannabis oil that does not cause any high but interact with the endocannabinoid system to benefit the body. They come in specific dosages, thus making it simple for users to consume. 

Patches and Transdermals:

Patches or transdermals are similar to that of nicotine patches where the cannabis dosage is induced through receptors present on the skin. Patches are mostly recommended for medicinal use of weed and are quite safe, simple to use, and fun.  


The growing interest in harnessing the benefits of cannabis for skincare has encouraged a large range of infused topicals. These include body lotions, moisturizers, creams, sprays. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the receptors on the skin. 

Some topicals, such as balms and creams, have also shown benefits towards providing local pain relief, such as for joints. Topicals do not give a high like in the case of other methods. They enable the cannabinoid receptor network in the body to provide pain relief and other benefits such as moisturization, hydration that influences skin health.  


Each of these methods offers a different kind of experience with weed. You can choose the right method based on the kind of effects you would expect and ease of use for the best benefits.

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