How happy you were when your baby was born and you were just so excited that you filled your Facebook, Snapchat and Insta feed with the adorable snaps of this cute soul and then suddenly you observed that cheeks of your cute baby are no more cute because red bumps appeared on them. What are these red bumps that is now refraining you from posting your new born baby’s pics on Social Media? Let’s what is this actually.

Most probably these red bumps are baby acne on face. Baby acne on face and baby acne on chest is a common issue which is something not to be worried about at all. Baby acne appears on face, chest or on any part of baby’s skin one or two weeks after the birth. Statistics show that almost 30% new born babies may get baby acne after birth. It is not a painful acne and it doesn’t create any itching. So be tension free because baby acne doesn’t harm your baby’s skin nor it’s going to leave any scar on your skin after it disappears.

Baby acne shouldn’t be mixed with eczema, heat rash or milia though all these skin issues look similar to baby acne but treatment and medication is different for each of these baby’s skin issue and problem.Let’s discuss how to get rid of baby acne and which is the best baby acne treatment.

How to Treat Baby Acne?

It’s a common fact that baby acne doesn’t need any treatment. It clears out and disappears from your baby’s face after few weeks even without any treatment or medication. Rare chances are there that it may stay for more than a month. And if it doesn’t disappear in a month and stays after a month or two, then treatment becomes mandatory.

Search for the paediatrician nearby or ask someone for a good reference and make an appointment so that you may discuss the issue with him. Most of the paediatricians may ask not to use any medicine or treatment if a month is not passed. They may prescribe some very light dose of medicine or some cream if one or two months have already passed and baby acne is not going anywhere.

If no time like a month or two are passed, don’t try anything except keep your baby’s skin clean with only mild warm water. Don’t use any soap or cream until recommended by the doctor or paediatrician. The creams and ointments you may have at home is not for these new born babies. Those creams may have chemical which can be too harsh for the soft and sensitive skin of your baby. So better avoid using any baby acne treatment at home unless more than a month is passed or it is suggested by the paediatrician.

Baby Acne Treatment at Home

Baby acne remedies or baby acne treatment at home is limited to preventions only. There’s nothing much you can do because it is not recommended at all. You can mess with the baby acne because it’s harmless unless mistreated. You shouldn’t experiment with harsh and hard medicines or baby acne remedies because it may worsen the situation. But yes there are some preventions that can help your baby to recover fast. Here are some prevents for baby acne that you can try.

Keep the Skin Clean

People love to kiss babies and kissing my leave their germs and even saliva on their face. And during the day whenever you feed your baby, some of the food drops or you baby spill it back on its skin. These things make your baby’s skin not just dirty but an easy target for acne. You must clean your baby’s face with mild warm water. Don’t use towel to scrub because that may irritate the acne and then there will be chances of acne scars. Clean skin won’t get bacterial attacks and hence less chances of infection and baby acne will heal faster.

Don’t Use Soap

Baby’s skin is too sensitive to use any soap on that. The pH level of baby’s skin is high and we can say it’s acidic in nature. This acidic nature of the baby’s skin reduces the chances of bacterial attacks because acid kills the bacteria as the try to attack on baby’s skin. If you will use the soap which is alkaline in nature, may reduce the pH level and hence your baby’s skin will be prone to infections and acne.

Don’t Scratch or Scrub

Not just baby’s skin but the baby acne is sensitive as well. Don’t try to scrub or scratch because it may damage or irritate the baby acne.

Don’t Use Lotions

Lotions has chemical which might not be good for baby’s skin so avoid using that.

Try these preventions and baby’s acne will heal faster than its normal pace. Be patient because natural healing always takes time. For more you can visit

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