One of the most frustrating and annoying problems that one has to deal with is having itchy feet. The fact that it seemingly occurs only in inopportune moments (driving, working at the office) is reason enough to ruin your entire day. The medical term for this issue is ‘’pruritus’’. While this condition can occur anywhere on the skin, the feet are especially prone to it because various types of footwear combined with sweat create the optimal conditions for it to develop. The most common causes are irritants (especially if you are walking barefoot or wearing sandals), moisture, dry, damp environments that dry the skin and viruses, parasites or fungi. Even though itchy feet are rarely caused by serious medical problems, you have no reason not to address it as soon as it appears. Here is how to get rid of itchy feet with home remedies:


Get Rid of Itchy Feet With These Home Remedies…



Garlic is one of the best purifying agents that nature has to offer. This legume is highly praised for its ability to treat inflammations, and outright eliminate any fungi or bacteria. It is a true jack of all trades in this sense because garlic will not only alleviate the burning, annoying sensations associated with itchy feet but will also treat the root cause of the problem.

You can use garlic as part of a powerful anti pruritus recipe. If you are looking for more natural remedies that will help you deal with itchy feet make sure to click here for more information related to this subject. Now that we have clearly established the potency of this vegetable, here are a few instructions that will help you easily prepare this natural remedy:

  • Crush one garlic clove either by using your palm, or the blunt part of a knife’s blade.
  • Mix it with one tablespoon (3 to 4 drops, at most) of olive oil.
  • Stir the mixture until it turns into a homogenous paste.
  • Apply the mixture on top of the affected areas and let the skin properly absorb it (this should take about 30 minutes).
  • After this, wash the itchy areas with warm water and a light antifungal soap.
  • Apply this treatment until the issue disappears.


Tea Tree Oil

Another great and easy to prepare home remedy for treating itchy feat is tea tree oil. Because it has great antiseptic and anti-fungal capabilities, this particular oil will rapidly eliminate the factors that caused your condition from occurring by killing bacteria, removing fungi and soothing your skin at the same time. Here are a few ways of preparing the remedy:

  • Grab a mug and fill it half with vegetable oil, and half with tea tree oil.
  • Mix it thoroughly until the two ingredients meld together.
  • Rub the substance on the itchy areas twice per day.
  • Apply this treatment daily, for the next two weeks. In this time frame, the issue will disappear, and you will prevent it from returning in the near future.

The second method involves the following steps:

  • Fill one-quarter of a container with Aloe Vera Gel and the rest with tea tree oil.
  • Mix it properly and rub the mixture two times per day for the next eight weeks.


Lavender Oil

Going on, lavender oil is not only a great antiseptic but also an antiperspirant that will prevent sweat from causing itchy sensations. Furthermore, lavender oil will stop the unpleasant odor that is associated with developing fungi. Make sure to read the following instructions:

  • Mix five to six drops of lavender oil (the number depends on the quantity that you want to prepare) with other carrier oils, such as jojoba or olive oil.
  • Apply this mixture on top of the affected areas. Rub them thoroughly and let it sit for about 10, 15 minutes at most.
  • Wipe your feet with a clean, soft cloth, and wash them with lukewarm water.
  • Apply this treatment for the next week or so and the itchiness will gradually disappear.



Vinegar is another viable home treatment for itchy feet. Its potency is given by its ability to greatly decrease the levels of alkaline levels in your skin, preventing the optimal conditions of fungi growth and development from appearing by properly absorbing moisture. As for the recipe, here is what you need to do:

  • Grab a bucket and fill three-quarters of it with lukewarm water, and the rest with vinegar.
  • Dip your fit into the mixture for about 20 minutes. After this, pat your feet dry.
  • Make sure to do this twice a day for the next week.



Even if the itchiness is caused by fungal infections, there is no need to worry or rush to the doctor. In fact, you can easily treat this issue by using one of the several above recipes. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions, and the itchiness will soon be a thing of the past.

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