How to Spot Good Quality Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are not created equal, just like with all other products. Some are far better in quality when compared to others. Good quality seeds are more likely to result in healthy and high-quality plants. If you want seeds that will not germinate but also thrive, you are better off with high-quality seeds. So how do you know which quality is better? Below we discuss tips of how you can spot quality cannabis seeds.

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Well, a good quality seed will appear healthy. Healthy, in this case, means a strong outer shell that is free of spots and blemishes. More often than not, the shell will look like it has just been waxed and the sheen effect becomes apparent when you expose the seed to bright light. The healthy and superior seeds also tend to be darker when compared to others. A tiger stripe pattern on the shell is also a sign of good health where cannabis seeds are concerned.

The younger seeds tend to be brighter in color. The color, in this case, can be anything between white and green.  While the immature seeds are ideal for making different pot products, you can be guaranteed that they will not germinate when you put them in the ground.


Aside from checking the appearance, you have to feel the seeds to determine the quality.  Squeeze the seeds to test their resilience. Remember to use your fingers or anything strong enough to entirely crush the seed. A good seed will not break under pressure. However, if your seeds turn to dust when you give them a squeeze, you should know that you are stuck with low-quality seeds that may be too old to germinate.

How to test cannabis seeds

Aside from the above features, there are different ways you can employ to check the quality of your seeds.  Some of these ways include:

The floating method

Pour some warm water into a glass. Put some of the seeds that you have into the glass. The seeds that settle at the bottom of the glass are healthier when compared to those that remain on the surface of the water.


If you are looking to have a vigorous marijuana plantation, it does not hurt to try to germinate a handful of seeds. The good thing is that you do not need to take your seeds to an actual farm. Just get a paper towel and place some damp seeds on the surface. Ensure that the seeds are an inch or two apart. Cover the seeds with a wet paper towel and give the seeds two to three days to germinate.

In case seeds sprout within this duration, they are high in quality. If the seeds do not shoot after an extra day or two, you should consider getting a fresh batch of seeds.

Choosing a Strain

Cannabis comes in many strains. It is important to know that some marijuana strains need more care and are generally hard to germinate.  If you have a choice, go for strains that can grow in different climates and are pest resistant such as Allen wrench. If you are a beginner, you better stick to easy to grow strains.

Another thing to consider is where to plant the seeds. If you are growing marijuana indoors, choose strains that do not grow too large and mature faster. For outdoor growers, strains that take longer but grow bigger are ideal. All you have to do is to ensure that you plant in good time so that you can harvest before the cold weather comes knocking.

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Where to Buy Quality Seeds

Buying quality seeds is not easy. It is not like you can walk to your next convenience store and ask for marijuana seeds. While weed continues to gain popularity for its medicinal and recreational properties, the truth is that there are not as many brick and mortar shops that sell marijuana seeds.  Fortunately, a quick search online will present more than enough sellers of quality marijuana seeds. For example, if you live in Quebec City, a quick buy weeds online Quebec search will present some of the top sellers in this area.

There are also established cannabis seed companies in different parts of the world, depending on where you are, look up for local companies that sell seeds to interested growers. This way, you get to purchase seeds whose quality is guaranteed and suited to your climate. If you can, visit the company and see the different seeds available. You can also get helpful tips that you can put into good use to ensure that you get a good harvest at the end of the day.


Getting quality cannabis seeds is easy if you know how and where to look. While there are many strains of the cannabis indica plant, the seeds have common characteristics as the healthy ones tend to be shiny and darker. While shopping for seeds online, checking-out what other buyers have to say about different suppliers helps. You also have to remember to take care of your cannabis seedlings to ensure that they survive to maturity.

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