The more empty shelves and flat surfaces you have in your home, the more dust will settle on them over time. Just by thinking of dusting all these shelves your head starts spinning. However, you can avoid stressful house cleaning by learning to take the stress out of the whole process through some fairly simple tricks.

Colors can make a difference

There is nothing worse than noticing that even the walls of the house are dirty. Repainting a single room isn’t expensive but luckily, there is a trick to help you postpone this improvement. Using darker shades will help conceal the dirt, so you won’t have to repaint the house every year.

In this sense, white walls are by far the worst color option because they get soiled after just a couple of months. Even other light colors, such as orange, green, blue, or yellow are a better solution.

Get everyone to leave the house

If you were building an extension of the house, the family wouldn’t sleep in the house, right? Well, it’s pretty much the same when it comes to cleaning the place. Namely, when the house is empty you will work quicker since there is no one to nag or chat with you. As a result, you’ll find it easier to focus on the task ahead: making the home spotless clean!

De-stressing your mind and body

Instead of being one of the common stressors, house cleaning can turn into a de-stressing activity. Since increased physical activity is recommended to people suffering from depression and anxiety, you can think of a cleaning spree as sort of a workout.

The iron becomes a dumbbell while cleaning the dust under the bed is the ideal opportunity to do a couple of pushups. Once you set your mind to cleaning the house and sweat it out, you’ll forget all about the stressful day you had at work that day.

Don’t clean the entire house at once

Unless you have the privilege not to work for a living, we assume you are going to clean the house over the weekend. However, cleaning the entire house in a single go is biting more than you can chew, i.e. mop.

There are two possible strategies: you either extend the cleanup across several days or you hire professional cleaners. The latter option is way less stressful and cleaning services are rather affordable nowadays.

In fact, you might like professional cleaners’ work so much you’ll hire them for the end of lease cleaning of the house if you’re a tenant. Cleaning the house before moving out isn’t very convenient, as you need to pack simultaneously.

Soothing scents

Dusting the home doesn’t have to be a dirt business, as you can spray some water on dusty shelves and then use a wet cloth to clean them. Furthermore, you can use fragrant cleaning solutions and perfumed cleaners to actually enjoy cleaning the house.

For instance, add a drop of lemon to a solution of vinegar and baking soda used for cleaning the kitchen drain. After you rinse the sink, a strong, lemony smell will radiate from the pipes. If you enjoy pleasant smells, then start the cleaning spree by turning on a lavender or vanilla air purifier.

Becoming an indoor green thumb

If you enjoy gardening, then you probably have houseplants as well. Not only do these plants purify the air but they calm you down, which might be the reason you started a garden in the first place. Cleaning the house is a process similar to caring about plants, only that you care for the home’s interior.

If the term “cleaning” the house is too stressful, then replace it with the term “greening” the house. By mopping, dusting, and scrubbing, you are actually making room for new pots and plants that want to dwell in a clean environment.

Cleaning your house shouldn’t be stressful in any way. There are many strategies for how to take out the stress from house cleaning, from getting everyone to leave the residence to introducing your favorite plants to calm you down. Once you master cleaning, you’ll use it as a de-stressing tool often.

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