When you have excruciating pain in your abdomen, you may worry that you have appendicitis, but this problem is often caused by gas in the intestinal tract or stomach. There are certain symptoms that you will get from appendicitis that you won’t experience with excess gas. Consider these symptoms that can indicate that you have a serious medical issue.

A High Fever

With appendicitis, you will develop a high fever as your body is trying to fight against the inflammation in the body part. Intestinal gas won’t lead to having a fever that can also cause other symptoms. Use a thermometer to monitor your body’s temperature level while also keeping track of your other symptoms from your illness.

Intense Diarrhea

When you have appendicitis, you will likely have intense diarrhea that causes deep pain in your abdomen. While this problem may also occur when you have excessive amounts of gas, you will feel some relief after visiting the bathroom. With appendicitis, the diarrhea may continue for several hours while your fever increases, and also, while you have more intense pain.

Visiting an Emergency Room

If you think that you have appendicitis, then a visit to an emergency room is imperative. A physician will examine you by touching your abdomen to find any abnormalities. A nurse will collect a blood sample to determine if you have additional white blood cells that indicate that your body is fighting an infection. It is also possible to have medical imaging tests so that the physicians can see the condition of your appendix. The surgery for an appendectomy is faster today with a surgeon making a tiny incision to remove the organ. The recovery time from surgery varies for each patient, depending on the individual’s age and overall health. Most patients only stay in the hospital for one day, and after returning home, the total time of recovery is one to four weeks. If you have accident & sickness insurance you won’t have to worry about missing work during recovery period. This is a great way to make sure that you get paid even when you are out sick.

Recurrent Vomiting

Appendicitis often causes recurrent vomiting until the stomach is empty, and in some cases, you can also vomit feces from the intestinal tract. This issue would not occur with digestive system gas, and it means that you need medical attention right away. With this form of appendicitis, there is often an obstruction that will prevent the escape of intestinal gas, making you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

How Common Is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is considered a common condition that typically occurs between the ages of 10 and 30. Approximately, one of 20 individuals will need to have an appendectomy.
This one of the most common surgeries. If you have dull pain near the upper abdomen, loss of your appetite, nausea, abdominal swelling, a fever or inability to pass gas then you should visit an emergency room.

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