In this day and age life moves at such a fast pace, we hardly have a moment to breathe, let alone create some sort of ‘inner peace or relaxation’. We are so busy running from A to B, trying to accomplish as much as possible with what little time we have and just about keeping up. Responsibilities, commitments and daily chores – a never ending perpetual cycle. Relaxation is nothing but a pipe dream – a far cry from reality for most of us. Is it any wonder that we are constantly stressed out and our minds are consistently full of anxiety and worry? Trying to relax and simply switch off can be impossible as our brain continues to tick, tick, tick away like an incessant clock.  Pocket Watch

‘Inner peace? What’s that then?’ you may ask. ‘I am too busy and have too many other more important things to do –    I don’t have time for all that stuff!’. Sound familiar?

First of all, can I remind you that YOU are the most important factor in all of the above? Without you, nothing would get done or be achieved. Is it not only fair that you should have some ‘you time’ every now and then? I can guarantee that just 15 minutes a day, (at whatever time is best for you), to just stop and relax will make the world of difference to your overall mood, energy and motivational levels. If you would like a quick and easy, but effective relaxation method, please try the following exercise.


Relaxation Exercise

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed or distracted (I’ve had to lock myself away and hide at times to ensure this!) :-)

  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat this at least 10 times
  • As you do this try to clear your mind and imagine that you are breathing all of the stress and tension out from your body ( I recommend that you try to picture yourself in a beautiful, tranquil place such as on a deserted beach or on a mountain top) Go with whatever comes naturally to you – if it feels right that is all that matters! Now, take and drink in everything around you… the sights, the sounds, the feelings and sensations you experience. If you can, try to see yourself in that place and take some time to observe yourself from a distance. How do you look? How do youRelaxfeel? Are you appearing stressed or tired? Are you happy and peaceful?
  • Spend at least 5-10 minutes just enjoying the environment you are in and focusing on you. Try to keep your mind as quiet as possible – do not fight what thoughts enter your head, but do not pay too much attention to them – just do your best to let them come and drift away again. Focus mainly on your breathing and the special place you are imagining yourself in.
  • Once you are feeling more relaxed, slowly count to 10 and open your eyes.

You will find the first time you attempt this (if you have never practiced this type of technique before) that your brain may go into overdrive and what is known as your ‘mental dialogue’ will speed up. When this happens, as mentioned just focus on your breathing and being in a calm and relaxing place. Please do not worry if you are not able to achieve all of the above on the first attempt. The whole idea is that you relax. Visualization etc. will improve with more time and practice. I initially got very frustrated with myself when I began using these types of techniques – but gradually it will get better so please do not beat yourself up. I used to be a very highly strung individual and required additional help from personal development gurus such as Shakti Gawain. Although you may find it comes very easily to you the first time round!

This is completely optional, however what I would also recommend is jotting down on some paper the emotions/experiences you have when doing this exercise. Find a safe place to store it and keep it as a journal to review and look back upon. It does not have to be a diary – just a few random words on a page is good enough. It is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. You will notice over time that feelings of peace and relaxation become more prevalent. There will no doubt be other thoughts and feelings that persistently crop up which is natural. Should you wish make a separate note of these emotions and just give some thought as to why they have such an influence. Write down the reasons that come to mind. It is important to not over think this – the whole written part of the process should take no longer than 5 minutes.


Challenge & Feedback

I have found this technique to be very simple but powerful in helping me to switch off. What have you got to lose?

Try this method for 5-7 days and during this time monitor your anxiety and stress levels. Do they go up or down? I would love to know and would greatly appreciate if you could give me your honest feedback. Should you have any questions or concerns before, during or after practising this exercise please contact me and I will endeavour to respond straight away. Good luck and thank you for reading.

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx

If you would like to dig deeper into the art of mastering inner peace and relaxation then I would definitely recommend Shakti Gawain’s products (I have many of hers) or you can check out complete packages on my Personal Products/Service Reviews page. Alternatively, please feel free to contact me directly on and I will be more than happy to help you in which ever way I can.


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