Injuries occur typically when you least expect it. When you’re out just living your life and not thinking of the hundred ways something could go wrong. Depending on the severity of an injury when it occurs, the work required to get you back to your former state, can seem insurmountable and demoralizing.

It doesn’t have to be.

Dealing with an injury that affects your mobility can be daunting and scary but implementing some key tips from the knowledgeable world of physical therapy can shift both your body and mind in tremendous and beneficial ways.


Figure Out Your Goal


Depending on the nature of your injury, your goal will look different than another person’s goal.

Start small if you become overwhelmed. Do you want to be more positive? Wake each day with a better attitude? Take less pain medication?

Whatever your goals are, figure them out, keep them in mind and always set new ones frequently. If your goal is to need your cane less or to have better posture during a physical therapy session, all of these things will be deeply tied to possible progress as time goes on and as you work towards getting better and improving your mobility.


Externally Treat Your Pain


Depending on the injury and the type of pain you may be experiencing as a result, treating the parts of your body that ache or are stiff with specific essential oils can be the key to improving blood flow, reducing inflammation and even mitigating the pain that you feel.

Always dilute the essential oils so that you diminish the risk of having any negative skin reactions to the strength and potency.

The best type of oils for pain and injury are wintergreen, helichrysum, and peppermint. These oils all work well in conjunction with one another – add a couple of drops of each, mix with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, and massage your injury.


Go Outside


Whatever you do, don’t shut yourself inside the house. It may seem easier to stay in the comfortable and safe quarters of your home, but it’s not good for your overall recovery.

Firstly, Vitamin D, which the sun produces, provides you with so many significant mood benefits. The stress of dealing with an injury and the pain it’s caused can lead to debilitating depression and anxiety.

Making a point to go outside or on errands as often as you can, will boost your mood and positively impact your cognitive state. This can sometimes be arduous and time-consuming as you may not want to ask for the help required, or implement the cane or pull out the wheelchair. But the amount of time and energy it takes is a small price to pay.

It is so profoundly worth it to get out of your standard and familiar space. You can take your essential belongings with you easily in most cases.


Work On Your Mental Clarity


This is in line with the onset of depression and anxiety that commonly follows in the wake of a major accident. Your mind, whether you are physically healthy or not, has a powerful and impacting effect of your overall health.

Remaining positive especially in the face of defeat, setbacks and surprises sometimes seems completely nonsensical and frankly impossible.

But it’s imperative to do things every single day that make you feel good and lighten your mood. This can put you in a greater, more capable headspace.

To be frank, there are certain things you can’t just will into existence for yourself, the work it takes to acquire those feats is a huge part of the equation. You can’t have one without the other. Whether this means physical therapy, alternative treatments, or any other slew of options available. Take care of your mind; be thankful for even the incremental improvements.


Figure Out What Works For You

Depending on the kind of injury and the severity of the injury, you’ll need to figure out just what works best. The more crucial and beneficial way to do this is by being your own advocate.

Look up the best options for people who’ve been in your same situation. Get second opinions on your diagnosis if you need to. Always be ready to figure out a plan and execute it. If physical therapy is the way to go, commit to it. If it’s some other method entirely, commit to that. There are so many different ways that healing from an injury that impedes your mobility can be accomplished.

It’s going to be one hell of a fight. But you can come out of it on the other side much stronger.

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Key Tips If Your Mobility Is Compromised By An Injury

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