The Lycopodium homeopathic remedy is derived from monkshood, a of moss plant. The plant cannot grow into a tree since it can’t absorb carbon.

The moss plant has a snake root that tends to wind around the ground before attaching itself to an object.

It’s also a one sided plant; it’s weaker side stays incomplete in growth and moves and fuses towards its stronger side.

The Lycopodium moss prefers coolness more than shade, it is slow to germinate, and contains many sterile pores.  All of this adds to its persistence to evolve.

To release the herbal contents of this moss, it has to be grinded up for several days.

Herbally, Lycopodium is used as an ointment to prevent skin cracks after a bath, flatuent colic, and for various skin and kidney issues.

Pharmaceutically, the plant is used as a coating for pills in order to stop pills from sticking together during production.


Status in Homeopathy

Lycopodium, along with Calcarea carbonicum and Sulphur, is one of the largest remedies that covers the most rubrics for all mental, emotional, and physical symptoms.  As a result, it tends to be a very commonly used remedy.

Because of its great use, this remedy was Hahnemann’s pride and joy, according to some of the materia medicas.

It also stands out for its affinity to fat metabolism.



An Overview of a Typical Lycopodium

Check out this description of the Lycopodium homeopathic remedy by expert homeopath, Misha Norland:





Personality Overview: Inner Cowardice, Outer Ego, Domineering



On the inside he feels too small for who he is. He can have a lack of self worth, which can translate into having feelings of insecurity, powerlessness, and unworthiness.

Fears of not being good enough.

But on the outside he may have lots of ego and self image. He may develop an external persona that appears bigger than what he really is. He does this in order to present himself publicly the way he wants to.

Wants to be liked, complimented, or respected.

Wants one’s image to be a certain way.

Manipulates a certain situation in order to better one’s image.

Takes underserved credit.

Knows exactly how to maintain his image.

Can adapt to any situation in order to look good.


Anticipatory anxiety, especially in an upcoming event.

Performance expectations.

Put themselves in situations that’s a bit of a stretch for them. If it’s too much for them, then this physically manifest as gas problems.

Lycopodium = likes a podium. (lyc-o-podium)

People see through their facade.

Anticipatory appearance in public scares them.


Fear of breaking down in distress, losing face, or commitment, especially in relationships.

Strongest loyalty is to himself.

They are more interested in work than in relationship. They also will do what it takes to rise up in their career.

May apologize while remaining inwardly convinced that he’s right.

Subservient at work and domineering at home.

Often seek a weaker partner that they can dominate.

Loves himself more than his wife.

Dominates the family, takes it out on weaker people.

Note: some patients can also be kind, thoughtful people.

Looks emaciated, physically weak.


Need to be in control and call the shots in a relationship.

Wants to steer the ship.

Don’t like to be emotionally entangled in relationships, only physically involved.


Big remedy for impotence in mid age men. Hence Lycopodium is nicknamed the “Homeopathic Viagra.”

This sexual deficiency can give them a feeling of losing power. So rather than admit to sexual impotence, they may claim to be spiritually celibate.


Aversion to undertaking new things.


Doesn’t want to be seen as a coward.

Can lie and cover up mistakes.

Only takes on things that they know will be successful in.

They are likely to abandon family and go off to be alone or in another relationship.

Can’t be in a situation where they take on too much.

Fear of the unknown or new situations.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being ridiculed.



Easily moved to tears by emotional situations.

Crying when thanked.

Moved by random occurrences.

Wants to be alone but also wants someone in the next room. Don’t want them too much involved emotionally.


Irritable in the morning, feels really bad ( this can stem from liver issues).

Can’t stand having time past.



Lycopodium Children


Dr. Roger Morrison describes the two personality types of children that may need Lycopodium:


  1. Child may be timid, hold back in social situations, and not want to join in with a group until he knows how to play the game.
  2. Child may be bossy and controlling, even to the point of telling the parents what to do.


Physically, a Lycopodium child may have a big forehead, a wide brow, or possibly premature balding. They may look academic or intellectual.

They may age earlier too with features such as furrows and worry lines.


Other important points to look out for:


They like to stick with familiar thing, and they don’t know how to adapt.

They are sensitive to scary movies, since they have no control over them.

Lycopodium kids try to gain control over others through joking and humor.

They also like playing with children younger than them.




Physical Symptoms


All ailments are right sided or they go from right to left.

Digestive complaints along with a bloated abdomen. They can be worse from every food. Even from eating such a small amount of food, they feel full.

Worse from eating beans, peas, and other vegetables.

Strong desire for sweets and hot drinks.

Liver issues.

Aggravation are between 4-8 PM.

Unrefreshed sleep.

Menstrual irregularities such as P.M.S.

Prostrate gland enlarged, which is connected to sexual impotence.

Right sided hernias.

Juvenile arthritis.

Babies with colic pain.

Yellowish skin.


Acute Conditions



Liver pain.

Digestive issues.

Constipation while traveling.


Right sided sore throats.


Low sex drive.



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Lycopodium Homeopathic Remedy

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