The 21st century has proven to be a very stressful time. Daily news stories tell of disease, terrorism and strife. On top of all of this, most people have a great deal of personal stress in their lives, due to job loss, relationship breakups and other challenges. While there are any number of remedies for these issues, including antidepressants, most people don’t want to resort to these if they don’t have to. If you’re among them, then you’ll want to make a note of the following natural remedies for anxiety.

Exercise and Movement

Many stressed out people feel much better after they’ve added some movement to their day. They take up activities, like jogging or hiking, or even gentler exercises, like yoga or pilates. If you don’t yet have an exercise routine, you may want to add one to your routine to help you blow off some steam, according to Healthline.

Cannabidiol oil and Other Similar Products

Products, like cannabidiol oil and hemp flowers bring thousands of people relief from conditions, like anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. Products like these don’t contain the substances that cause the high that marijuana does. However, in some places, you may need a doctor to prescribe them in order to get them, depending on the laws in your state.


Meditation helps you to calm the frenetic thoughts that speed from one side of your head to the other. Many times, it’s your thoughts and not your outward conditions that are causing your feelings of stress. If you can’t make it to a meditation class, you may want to try a meditation app to get yourself going.

Time Management and Boundaries

Oftentimes, people feel stressed because they lack time management skills or boundaries. This causes them to either say ‘yes’ to too many activities or to overextend themselves because they weren’t keeping track of their obligations properly. If this is your issue, then you need to do two things.

First, you need to allow yourself to say ‘no’ more, even if people get mad at you. Second, you need to start keeping track of your commitments on a calendar. Doing these two things will decrease the amount of stress you feel.

Stress is a constant part of life in the modern world. However, you can step away from the things that are causing you stress by saying ‘no’ to an overabundance of activities and saying ‘yes’ to some natural remedies that will help you get your calm back.

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