With the growth of homeopathy and other natural solutions around the world today, many people are seeking more natural health solutions for their chronic skin issues. A big example is the growing demand of natural remedies for cellulitis.

I am assuming that if you are reading this post, then chances are that you may have or know someone that has cellulitis, so therefore you are familiar with what it is.

But for those that do not know what cellulitis is, it is a common, yet potentially serious inflammation of the layers of surface skin that results in swollen skin, itchiness, and redness on the face, leg, or any part of the body.

Feel free to learn more about cellulitis here and then come back here to see how you can naturally tackle cellulitis, without the need for conventional drugs.



My Personal Clinical Experience With Cellulitis

When I first started to take in patients under clinical homeopathic supervision, I took in a man who came to me for cellulitis. For the past 4 years, this man was getting consistent cellulitis reactions on both of his legs every month.

He tried multiple creams, lotions, antibiotics, and penicillin (all common western medicines for cellulitis), but nothing was curing him, and in some cases, he experienced side effects.

Besides for these severe reactions (which led to multiple emergency hospital visits), his legs were swollen, red, and itchy almost everyday. In short, he was in 24/7 discomfort.

After taking into consideration his cellulitis symptoms, personality, and other relevant information (as is done in a normal homeopathic consultation), I found a homeopathic remedy that best fit with his cellulitis as well as all of his other mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

The remedy given was Sulphur 30C. I instructed him to take it 3 times in water.

After he took the prescribed remedy and potency, I followed up with him in the upcoming weeks and months. His cellulitis reactions completely stopped and the symptoms on his legs were improving. In addition, the remedy even helped him with certain mental and emotional disturbances that he mentioned in the first consultation.

In spite of the fact that he still was not 100% fully relieved of all of his issues (as permanent healing in general is a gradual process), his main physical obstacle finally ceased.


The Use of Homeopathic & Natural Cellulitis Solutions

Using homeopathic and natural remedies for cellulitis can be effective for cellulitis. When used properly, they can at worst alleviate symptoms, or at best, get rid of cellulitis without any side effects.

Of course, homeopathy and natural remedies should be used responsibly.natural remedies for cellulitis

Homeopathic remedies at a 30C potency in water generally work in the best and safest manner with cellulitis conditions (unless otherwise recommended by your homeopath).

Using a higher than recommended potency or not putting it in water can lead to aggravations, which is not preferred for a serious skin condition like cellulitis.

Putting the remedy in water basically eliminates the possibly of any homeopathic aggravation, even though aggravations are generally a sign of future amelioration.

Other natural remedies are generally safe to use. Yet in an emergency situation where hospitalization is needed, natural remedies should be put aside in order to stabilize a cellulitis patient’s condition.



Cellulitis Homeopathic Remedies

Here are some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for Cellulitis.

Scroll down to view natural home remedies for cellulitis.



Sulphur is considered to be the best homeopathic remedy for cellulitis, especially when indicated. It has a strong affinity to the skin for various skin issues.natural remedies for cellulitis

Sulphur was the remedy that helped my first client ever, as I mentioned earlier.

This remedy can help with cellulitis when the infection on the skin feels warm, and the skin is red and puffy. There may also be reddish discharges coming out of the skin. The infection will be itchy and worse from heat.

In a person needing Sulphur, the cellulitis infection can be located anywhere on the body.




Another great cellulitis remedy, Apis works wonderfully where there is redness, heat, and swelling in the infected area. In Apis, the most commonly infected areas are around the eyelids and the limbs.

A big indication for the need of Apis for cellulitis is when the infected area is better from cold applications, and may be worse from heat.71H9HtEgFOL._SX522_




Bufo Vana

Consider Bufo vana when there is cellulitis on the upper extremities which also affect the lymph vessels.

People needing Bufo may also have abscesses along with the cellulitis. If it occurs on the lower limbs, then there will be swelling and burning sensations.




Ledum is a common acute homeopathic remedy for puncture-like injuries. When you have a puncture wound followed by cellulitis infections, think of Ledum!




Rhus Toxicodendron

When the cellulitis becomes more advanced with swelling, pitting, vesicles, and purple discolorations, consider using Rhus Toxicodendron.

The cellulitis may be located on either periorbital, facial, on the neck, legs, or genitals. There may also be an inflamed part that drains pus.



Natural Techniques and Remedies For Cellulitis

There are many great natural remedies out there that can act as a secondary boost with cellulitis.

These however are my favorites that I think you should seriously consider, which won’t interfere with homeopathic remedies:




Calendula Gel

As with other skin irritations, Calendula gels can really quicken the healing process in cellulitis infections. The gel form doesn’t have a chance of irritating the skin as much as the Calendula creams or lotions do.natural remedies for cellulitis

You can apply the gel on the infected area 3 times per day or as instructed by your health practitioner.

Other benefits of the Calendula gel are that it’s…

  • quickly absorbed.
  • non-greasy.
  • paraben-free.
  • all-natural.
  • FDA regulated.
  • VERY low cost -usually around $6-$7!

So in short, it’s definitely worth having the Calendula gel for this and any other skin conditions!

I personally have used it for more minor skin issues, and after a few applications, they disappeared very quickly.



BEMER Therapy

BEMER mats are great in encouraging blood flow in the infected area. They are a safe and easy way to bring in nutrients and oxygen that the infected circulatory area needs in order for the body to do the healing it needs.

These highly effective microcirculation devices are FDA approved for safety and even approved for use by NASA!

Many recent clinical trials have also demonstrated the device’s use for a variety of ailments, which can be viewed here and here.

It can also take out any blood blockages in the arteries and veins of the infected area. You can not only use this device for cellulitis, but for really any physical or even mental injuries that you may have.

For the best results, you  need to use this device 2 times per day for 8 minutes each time to start to see and feel solid results.

See this video of the BEMER in action on blocked blood flow…in just 8 minutes of action!!



I personally tried out this device a few months ago with a friend, and felt almost immediate amelioration of the pains I was having at the time.


Click HERE for more information on this wonderful device 



Manuka Honey

Unlike regular honey, Manuka honey contains infinitely more antibacterial enzymes that can destroy bacteria on your skin.  This will allow your skin to look healthier and even more beautiful than before. You can use Manuka honey topically everyday by rubbing it in on the infected area.natural remedies for cellulitis

For a more detailed source on Manuka honey and its wide variety of therapeutic and beauty uses, click HERE.

Click here to see what clinical researchers have to say about this awesome honey product!




Conclusion: The Best Natural Remedies For Cellulitis

  • Homeopathy.
  • Calendula gel.
  • BEMER set.
  • Manuka honey.

With at least one or more of these solutions, you can eliminate cellulitis from your body and retake that ease and comfort you’ve been looking for!


About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • I don’t know if I have cellulitis but I get pink, hot, swollen areas around each knee when I eat food I am sensitive to, such as the nightshades (peppers are the worst for me and potatoes aren’t great). This also happens when I am sick.

    The best remedy I have found is Arnica gel. It helps with this as well as my chronic bursitis in the hips. Heat is my enemy as well as any form of pressure on the hips and knees. I sleep with ice packs on them.

    My naturopathic doctor gave me Apis once but it didn’t seem to do any good. I am thinking of trying the sulphur your recommend here. I have heard sulphur is good for this sort of inflammation before.

    I also stay away from wheat and sugar and milk. I have discovered that magnesium helps also as well as B vitamins, D etc.

    • Hmm you could try the Sulphur…seems like it might fit. I’m surprised Apis didn’t do any good….if you feel that the Sulphur matches your personality as well then it’s worth a try. I think however that since your issues are chronic your better off seeing a homeopath or a naturopath that knows how to use homeopathy properly

  • A friend recently mentioned on the phone that she had been told she had “cellulitis” – I had no idea what it was. Finding your article, I will point her this way as I know the doctor wants her on all sorts of stuff.

    The best thing about the remedies you are suggesting for cellulitis here are that they will do no harm. So even if something doesn’t work, it’s not going to give you awful side-effects like some drugs.

    Oh, and I find calendula cream or ointment to be an absolute must for any first-aid kit. In my experience, healing is made much faster by using it.

    • Thanks for the referral! Just one thing: if she is already on meds, she should NOT get off of them unless she has her doctor’s approval.


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