Having bad breath is not a pleasant experience. It can cause a person to feel isolated in life. It can affect the opportunities for close contact with loved ones. And it can even interfere with the taste of your food. Luckily, bad breath remedies are available for those who want to cure their chronic bad breath. So, even if you choose not to see a doctor about your bad breath for whatever reason, keep reading. Here’s a list of some bad breath remedies for you that you can use in the privacy of your own home to help you cure bad breath permanently.

Brushing and Flossing is Not Overrated

You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but one of the more obvious, and helpful cures for bad breath is to take good care of your teeth.

You will have to commit to taking good care of your teeth if you really want to remedy your bad breath. This is because neglecting to do so is the number one cause of bad breath anywhere.

So, the best place to begin with bad breath remedies is to make sure that you are doing the obvious thing by taking impeccably good care of your teeth.

Avocado as a Bad Breath Remedy

Believe it or not, eating avocados is one of the lesser known but one of the more powerful of the bad breath remedies and cures. What the avocado does is it eliminates any putrefaction that is in the intestines. This putrefaction of undigested, or poorly combined meals is a major cause of bad breath.  

This cure for bad breath is not hard to do, and avocados are easily found in the produce section of any grocery store in your local area. No excuses!

Reduce Protein Intake for Bad Breath Elimination

This cure for bad breath is along the same lines as the avocado cure.

What we put in our systems will come back to haunt us in the form of bad breath when it is not able to properly assimilate in our stomachs and intestines. Proteins can be a major culprit when it comes to chronic bad breath.

Try to eat less red meat and even chicken. Opt instead for fresher fruits and vegetables and you will probably feel fresher, and see increase in the number of people that are coming close to you.

This is one of the most popular and effective cures for bad breath. If you eat properly then you can surely that you limit your bad breath.

Water Remedy for Bad Breath

Unless you’re dealing with a complicated health issue, drinking more water may be all you need to do to cure your bad breath.

Having a dry mouth leads to bad breath. It is often overlooked as one of the more common reasons for bad breath. You can drink water by the glass and increase your fruit and vegetable intake, since they’re packed with the water.

Kick the Butts

Of course you already know this.

But, it doesn’t hurt to repeat it: smoking causes chronic bad breath. The smell of the tobacco causes an odor, but in addition to that smoking causes your gums and teeth to be vulnerable for gum disease. This causes extremely bad breath.

If you are a smoker, one of the best ways to lessen the risk of mouth and gum disease and the bad breath caused by smoking, it is strongly encouraged that you stop smoking.

Eliminate Bad Breath by Using Guava

Unripe guava can help cure bad breath. It has many healing properties and is great for the gums.

Finding guava at your local market shouldn’t be hard. If you don’t see any, and don’t have time to wait for a store manager to order guava for your breath, try one of the local ethnic grocery stores for a better chance of finding this fruit high in tannic, oxalic, and malic acids.

Additionally, chewing the tender leaves from the guava tree is can stop bleeding from the gums and prevent bad breath.

Parsley Knocks out Bad Breath

Parsley is a valuable and extremely inexpensive cure for bad breath.

Simply take two cups of water and boil it. Then pour it over several sprigs of coarsely chopped parsley along with two or three whole cloves, or use one quarter teaspoon of ground cloves and let it steep. This mixture should be stirred occasionally while cooling. Once cooled, strain your fresh breath mouthwash and use it to gargle with several times a day.

Cure Bad Breath Permanently!

So there. To fight bad breath, you will need to match the remedy to the cause or severity of your bad breath.

When you have found a cure(s) for your bad breath that works the best for you, keep using it. You will truly feel like you’ve been given a new beginning in life.

Much success to you!

About the Author:

cure bad breath permanently

I’m Isabelle Clover, besides being a full-time mom, I’m also a pediatrician and nutritionist. My goal is to keep you healthy. I focus on good habits when it comes to diet, exercise and other ways to prevent illness and injuries.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • I have been having bad breath for many years and I can say with confidence that drinking more water helps. However just drinking water all day is pretty boring. Avocado sounds excellent and it has a lot of healthy nutrients too. I also like guava . It is so refreshing and I usually like to make a smoothie out of it. They tell me that bad breath is nothing more than your G.I. system having a problem. All you have to do is to clear it out so that the bacteria there can I keep releasing toxins that cause bad breath . Thank you for the great tips .

  • Hi Ariel really like your page.I like to read about natural remedies and found a lot of your content very interesting and informative.I will bookmark your page for future reference.I liked the bad breath article and enjoyed reading about manuka honey health benefits. I also like the line of products you have listed.Well done.

  • I’ve had bad breath for the past 6 years, tried all the bad breath products- profresh, closys, went to my doctor he told me to take a multivitamin. went to a couple of ent’s- prescribed me some nasal spray, even my brilliant dentist couldnt help me, so I just gave up & tried to accept I would have bad breath forever, even though I brushed & flossed at least twice every day. My wife suggested I try A herbal doctor call Dr,Aloma that she saw people testifying about his great work,I contacted him via(dralomaherbscure@gmail.com)he prepared the herbs immediately and sent it to me through DHL fast delivering services,After sticking to him for a couple of days as i was instructed my bad breath was totally cured permanently.He can as well cured the following diseases(Hiv\Aid(Genital herpes)(Hepatitis b\c) (magnus gingivitis)his cell phone number}+2348051095232 goodluck………

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