Nux Moschata Homeopathic Remedy: Rare But Overlooked Uses

Nux Moschata Homeopathic Remedy

The Nux Moschata homeopathic remedy is originally made from nutmeg, an egg-like seed that produces the Myristica species of trees that grows in Indonesia.

In its herbal, non-homeopathic form, it’s known to be an easily available hallucinogen with psychotropic effects such as mild intoxication and deep sleep. If consumed, it can cause dizziness, sluggishness, dry mouth, and nausea followed by extreme giddiness. It’s commonly used as a recreational drug in India.

Homeopathic Popularity

Homeopathically, Nux Moschata is not a commonly used remedy. That being said, Kent writes that Nux Moschata is not a useful remedy, but its very often overlooked when needed.

The remedy looks like some of our polycrests such as Calcarea and Lycopodium. It may even be given after a polycrest doesn’t work. 

Nux Moschata is also similar to homeopathic Cannabis and its drug-like themes in the mind and physical spheres, as you will soon see. They are so similar that both remedies are usually learned together.

This remedy has affinities to the mind, nerves, female organs,  and digestion.

Feeling “High”

A person needing the Nux Moschata homeopathic remedy will usually have chronic mental issues similar to the intoxication effects of nutmeg.nux moschata homeopathic remedy

This includes:

  • distortion of time.
  • detachment from reality.
  • sensations of floating and flying.
  • feeling of separation from the limbs and body.

Persons needing this remedy may have or may look like they have narceolpsey. They will be constantly sleepy, dozing off, and falling in very deep sleeps from which it’s hard for them to wake up from. 

They may even experience a loss of consciousness from time to time.


You can tell if somebody may need Nux Moschata if they have really weird delusions.

Some of these very noted delusions include delusions of being the devil, distances that things are large (when they really aren’t), delusions that their head is separated from their body, or the sounds are more distant than they really are. 

In short, they will seem strange or ludicrous, very much like a “druggie” personality. 

Dry Mouth

Nux Moschata homeopathic remedyPatients needing this remedy will tend to have dryness all over their face.

They will have a dry mouth but no thirst. Even their tongue can be so dry to the point that it sticks to the root of the mouth.

They will also have unquenchable thirst and may put water in the mouth and spitting it out immediately.


Nux Moschata patients are also indicated for their stubborn, strong constipation issues

Even though their stools may be soft, it is still hard for them to release.

Other Notable Physical Symptoms

Arthritis and wandering muscle or joint pains. Nux Moschata homeopathic remedy

Tends to be chilly.

Worse in cold or damp weather.

Heavy or light limb sensations.

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Nux Moschata homeopathic remedy





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