Phosphrous Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

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Phosphorous Homeopathic Remedy

Before this element was converted into the Phosphorus homeopathic remedy, it used to have a wide range of uses.

In Greek, Phosphrous means to  “bear light.” The element was given this name because of the fact that it shines in the air when put into a darkened area.

The element was first discovered in 1669 by a German merchant who lit his urine on fire and showed his discovery to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a prominent German philosopher, logician, and mathematician of the time.

Of course, the process of creating the phosphorous element is done differently today. See here for more details. Read More

Bryonia Homeopathic Remedy: Mentals, Emotionals, Physicals

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Bryonia Homeopathic Remedy

Also known as English mandrake or white bryony, the Bryonia homeopathic remedy is derived is a gourd plant with origins in Europe and northern Iran.

It is known to be an injurious, poisonous plant that can destroy other nearby plants and grows extensively on fences, walls, and other natural or man-made structures.  Read More

Arsenicum Album Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

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arsenicum album homeopathic remedy

The Arsenicum album homeopathic remedy is made from arsenic poison, a very toxic and painful substance that has been in extensive use for centuries, since 1250 CE.

The Mongolians used tiny doses of arsenic for strength in construction, work, and war. People have used this poison for centuries to poison and lethally assassinate others. In fact, it’s even rumored that Napoleon died by arsenic poisoning.  Read More

Mercurius Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Uses

mercurius homeopathic remedy

The Mercurius homeopathic remedy comes from mercury. When mercury in its actual form is ingested, it can poisons the victim slowly and can also cause violent and ferocious pains throughout the body.

So too, when mercury is converted into a safe and gentle homeopathic remedy, it can treat those same physical symptoms as well as similar mind symptoms. Read More


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