The Perfect Tea Recipe for Stress Reduction: Feel Good Right Away!

With all of the chaos that life throws at us, feeling stressed out is often just a part of life for most people. Living with constant stress not only feels bad, but it can have very real adverse effects on the body, including: headache, muscle pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, stomach cramps, depression, irritability, and a lack of motivation. 

Fortunately, you can help to mitigate the effects of harmful stress with natural stress relievers that can be commonly found in all-natural food items. And especially a nice tea recipe for stress! One such food/drink item that can offer both health and well-being benefits is tea.

Benefits of Tea

The benefits of tea are numerous, but a few pertinent examples are:
  • Contains many antioxidants.
  • Combats free radicals in the body via its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity.
  • Contains fewer mg of caffeine per serving than coffee.
With regard to stress relief, not all teas are created equal. One tea that has been found to offer specific stress relief and muscle relaxation attributes is the old classic– Chamomile. Chamomile tea has been proven to be particularly adept at aiding tight muscles and offering a sense of relaxation. Scientifically shown, Chamomile, and its 36 known flavonoids, is known to help with inflammation, and the calming effect it produces can even help with a more rapid regeneration of muscle tissues.
Beyond tea, there are a multitude of other natural stress relieving foods, including peppermint and lemongrass oil, both of which are included in the delicious stress reducing tea recipe at the bottom of this article. Alleviating sore muscles throughout the body, peppermint has proven effective, and has even been found to reduce tension headaches. The menthol within peppermint offers anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing components, and can even improve circulation. Lemongrass essential oil has also proven to improve blood circulation, which can limit the pains experienced through muscle spasms.
Now that you know about the relaxing properties of chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oil, let’s make some Chamomile-Lemongrass-Mint Tea with the provided recipe!

Chamomile-Lemongrass-Mint Tea Recipe For Stress

1 chamomile teabag or 1-1.5 large teaspoon loose chamomile tea
8 oz. hot (but not boiling) water
2-4 fresh mint leaves
1-2 drops of lemongrass essential oil (use eyedropper for accuracy)
  1. Place your teabag or loose tea (inserted in a tea ball) into mug or glass.
  2. Add your fresh mint leaves to the mug/glass.
  3. In a separate container or teapot, bring your water to just below a boil.
  4. Pour hot water into your mug, covering the mint and tea.
  5. Allow the tea to steep for 5-10 minutes (the longer the steep time, the more robust your tea will be).
  6. Add lemongrass oil and stir until thoroughly combined.
Have fun with the recipe to find the proportions that provide the best results for you! As long as your tea contains chamomile, mint, and lemongrass in some capacity, you will undoubtedly experience it’s relaxing powers.

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