Before this element was converted into the Phosphorus homeopathic remedy, it used to have a wide range of uses.

In Greek, Phosphrous means to  “bear light.” The element was given this name because of the fact that it shines in the air when put into a darkened area.

The element was first discovered in 1669 by a German merchant who lit his urine on fire and showed his discovery to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a prominent German philosopher, logician, and mathematician of the time.

Of course, the process of creating the phosphorous element is done differently today. See here for more details.

Phosphorous is also one of the 5 elements that make up our DNA aside from hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. It’s second to calcium as one of the most abundant mineral in the body.

In the body, its job is to make bones and teeth, metabolize fats, and maintain fluids in the cells. Essentially, this element creates boundaries within the body’s cells, which is a major theme throughout its homeopathic use.

Commercially, it is used to grow algae in water and for plant fertilization.


Phosphorous Homeopathic Remedy: According To The Homeopaths

To best understand Phosphorous’s remedy picture, check out this short video by homeopath Misha Norland:



Mind Symptoms

Main themes: open & diffuse on the mental, emotional, and physical plane.

Can have very bubbly personalities, a sparkler, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, touchy/feely, extroverted person.

Not grounded or centered. Pathologically open, “too much for everyone.”

Can be intuitive, psychic, and open to everything.

Don’t have clear boundaries.

Desires to be magnetized or mesmerized.

Consolation ameliorates, want of consolation.

Tend to be pleasers, they want you to feel good.

Lots of fears, especially of the dark and people. 122+ fear rubrics listed in the homeopathic repertory.

Wants to drink cold things, then when stomach warms, they throw it up.

Easily startled and can be extremely fearful.

HUGE fear of thunderstorms.

Fear of being alone, always needs assurance, ameliorated by assurances.

Ailments from disappointed love, from being scorned.

Connection is more important than relationship.

Kisses, touches everyone, and can also have a burnout.

Can also be bi-polar, but alternatively can also have complete indifference/misanthropy.

Can start as sparkler, then hate everyone, which can lead to:


  • anger.
  • hatred.
  • feeling broken down.
  • anxious.
  • negative.
  • aversive to company.
  • mania, insanity.


But, this bi-polar nature doesn’t go from a negative to a positive personality.


Physical Symptoms

Great thirst for cold water, very thirsty in general.

Likes and wants the cold.

Strong desire for salt.

Usual time of aggravation is at twilight.

Amelioration after sleep.

High sex drive, comes easily, Satyriasis (erection dysfunction), Nymphomania.

Kids: sweet, lovely, give & return love easily, gets sick easily, coughs, diarrhea, sicker than they appear, very high vitality until they don’t, fun, cute, tubercular type [respiratory & growth], periods of rapid growth [dd: Calc phosph, tuberculinum], when growing rapidly can be lanky/lean

Affinity for problems with mucus membranes, stomach, upper respiratory issues.

Worse from fasting, high metabolic rate.

Can’t keep fluids where they’re meant to be, which can lead to hemorrhages, bleeds a lot, hemophilia.

Tumor in mouth, fiboristic tumors.

Aggravated from changes in weather.

Excessive bleeding after taking out a tooth or after childbirth.

Gastrointestinal: craving for cold water, gastritis, nausea, vomiting, disruptions in the GI system, inflammatory diarrhea, IRS, chromes, involuntary stool.

Sensation as if anus or rectum is open.

Uterine fibrosis, ovarian sits, meterage bleeding red, all of these conditions may have a lot of red bleeding.

Respiratory: hits chest, tuberculosis, main cough remedy, great left sided pneumonia remedy.

Sleep: great sleepers, refreshed from sleep, sleeps on the right side, sleeping on left side aggravates.

Food: ravenous appetite and high metabolism.




Acute Uses



Left sided pneumonia.

Hyperactive dogs.

For any injuries with excessive bleeding and the blood is a deep red color.


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