Finding the will to start exercising is not an easy task at all, especially if you haven’t been very interested in physical activity before. So, the process is already challenging, but it can be even more difficult for plus-size exercisers who may not feel comfortable in the gym or believe they can’t do anything right when they work out at home. But there’s really no reason to be so disheartened, especially if you’ve set your mind on getting fitter and healthier. After all, that’s what exercise’s for in the first place. In order to push through all the (mental) obstacles, it’s important for all plus-size exercisers to know the following tips that all fitness instructors share with their clients.

1. Don’t shy away from workouts you like

1. Don’t shy away from workouts you like

Plenty of people who are plus-size and just starting out with exercising believe that certain activities and workouts are off limits for them and their fitness level. Therefore, they end up ignoring the exercises that may have turned out to be their perfect workout routine. Remember, while you may not be able to perform certain movements and positions perfectly right from the start, there are tons of ways to adjust these to your own level. After all, you’ll be able to do everything perfectly after a while of consistent training – that’s the whole point, isn’t it? That said, if you fancy yoga or wall climbing or dancing, make sure to go for it! The gym is not the only exercise option out there. And, if you’re already plus-size and find it difficult to hold onto your motivation, it’s always better to start with activities that you actually enjoy and find interesting.

2. Fitness ability doesn’t depend on your BMI 100%

You may need to start out slowly, your muscles will hurt and you’ll feel fatigued; but, keep in mind that even though your weight may not be dropping extremely fast (as it shouldn’t ‘cause that’s not healthy), you will be getting stronger and more energetic. It’s important to recognize when the exercises start to feel easy so that you can go harder at them. Finding your workouts a bit difficult is essential for results to show and that’s the rule for everyone, not just plus-size exercisers.

3. Your workout clothes matter a lot

Every piece of workout clothing is important. You may think this quite unnecessary, but the fact of the matter is that clothes can have us rather motivated or unmotivated. If you dress for the occasion, in this case that being comfy and breathable tops and bottoms, light sneakers and plus size lingerie with the right kind of chest support, you’ll find the whole ordeal quite different and more effective compared to rocking old baggy sweats and an oversized tee from high school. The right kind of clothes sets us in the right kind of mindset, and this includes fitness, too.

4. Quality over quantity

It’s not necessary to go full-strength on every exercise you can possibly think of. This is especially true if you’re plus-size because the additional weight you carry can lead to seriously painful fatigue and sometimes even injuries. After all, it’s not the quantity of exercises that will help you melt fat and burn calories but the right technique you apply for the specific set of exercises you chose to do for that particular workout session. Focus on the proper way of doing the exercises and adjusting your posture instead of rushing yourself.

5. Don’t focus on the scale too much

5. Don’t focus on the scale too much

This is very important for every plus-size exerciser who wants to change the way they look. You may want to lose weight and get fitter, but these things don’t happen in the same manner at the same time. Therefore, it’s essential for you to set non-scale goals to keep your motivation going strong. After all, you’ll first start losing inches and only after a while will the scale number drop more obviously.

If you’ve never exercised before, it may be smart to consult a professional trainer at least once or twice, just to get 101 advice when it comes to your ideal workout options. Of course, if you don’t like the gym, you can always work out at home. These days, there are plenty of exercise videos available on YouTube to help you out.

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