Every man’s penis size differs. Some are large and some are small. The penis is the most important organ in men, because it is the genetical organ. Penis enhancement surgery is getting popular these days. Men feel that their genetical organ is smaller in size. It makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they go with operations such as the pmma girth enhancement surgery (which we’ll discuss more below). 

Penis enhancement is designed in a way of improving the size and shape of the penile. Researchers point out that it improves the sexual function and it also gives relief to sex-related psychological pressure.


Penis enhancement surgery:

An average erect penis is usually 5 to 6 inches long with 4 to 5 inches in circumference. A penis which is smaller than these measurements is considered as the micropenis. Genetics and hormonal issues are the major causes of the micropenis. Men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease can also will have a micropenis. The surgery for enhancing girth size is called a male intimacy surgery. It involves cutting of ligament, which is inside the penis. It holds the size of the penis to the certain extent.


Types of penis enhancement:

There are two ways to get your penis enhancement treatment.

  1. Surgical method of penis enhancement.
  2. PMMA method of penis enhancement.

In the surgical method, you need to get into the cutting of ligament. But in PMMA method you don’t require surgery.

How is it performed?

Facial rejuvenation, platelet-rich plasma which is most commonly used will be applied to the penis. This surgery does not need any external products. It uses the patient’s own fat. The small blood will be taken from the plasma of that particular patient along with growth factors enriched platelets and mixed fat which is taken from leg or stomach. It will take at least one hour to complete the procedure.

The one thing everyone must understand is you cannot choose the size of the penis. On average, this surgery can add two inches to its actual size. After surgery, there is the immediate possibility of getting an erection. This should not happen. The pills must be taken to avoid erection. You can have sex after six weeks of surgery.

Revision procedures:

Here are the few performing methods listed:

  • Scar tissue will be removed in order to the length of the penis.
  • Abdominal wall surgery will be revised.
  • The fat grafts will get replaced with tissue grafts.
  • Sometimes you will get severe scar while doing this surgery. This will be treated with silicone enlargement implants.

PMMA method of girth enhancement:

This method is done by injecting a filler called polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA. This surgery life enhancement program is considered one of the healthiest way to improve your penile size. Both PMMA and collagen matrix will be injected into penile through the cannula. PMMA will shape your penile in a good way. Collagen matrix by absorbed by your body naturally. Both will collide each other and enhance your penile tissue to grow.  PMMA method of girth enhancement procedure does not require any follow-up procedures. The patients who require large size will have to take multiple sessions.

PMMA girth thickening methodology:

The outpatient requires at least 1.5 hours to complete this surgical girth thickening process.  No surgery is required. Only thing is somebody conditions will not accept the collagen. The prior body test will confirm these allergies. so, the collagen must be given according to the test reports. It is considered as one of the effective and natural ways to enhance your penile size. After PMMA enhancement procedure your penile size will gain up to 5.25 inches erect circumference.

Advantages of PMMA Girth enhancement over surgical method:

There are a lot of advantages in PMMA method of girth enhancement over surgical method. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is a natural way. So, no side effects and the results will be permanent but in a surgical way there is no permanent solution
  • Much easier method. So, you no need to take more bed rest. You will get normal within a couple of weeks’ time

So, choose the safest way and enjoy the benefits!!!

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