After a hate crime occurs, you may be traumatized for the rest of your life. Whether you were disabled, became mentally scared, or just feel angry at whoever hurt you, you know you don’t deserve to be treated so harshly. Healing isn’t as simple as it may seem, and here are a few reasons why.

When Suffering Doesn’t End

There’s a difference between tripping, falling, and getting a scrape on the knee as a result, and being the victim of a hate crime. Minor physical wounds often heal, while a hate crime gets personal. Those who deliberately harm others may or may not have a reason, but there’s no good reason for it. Going to favorite stores or walking home may now be a source of fear for those who have been in this situation.

Frustration Takes Over

Feeling upset can cause you to lose sleep regularly, feel anxiety or even become suicidal among other problems. In fact, the result of a hate crime may even be murder. You probably wonder why you’re forced to suffer when you did nothing wrong. Feeling helplessness, anger and many other feelings can make you feel like justice doesn’t exist in this cruel world.

No One Sympathizes

Since most of the people around you probably haven’t experienced a hate crime, they most likely won’t sympathize with you. This can make you feel alone with family, friends or anyone. You may not feel like yourself because everyone ignores your feelings. People often lack empathy when you need it most, and this only adds a heavy weight to the pain you carry around. If you need help, organizations like FPA Med specialize in forensic psychiatry which can be highly beneficial in legal matters and mental health concerns.

Living with the Aftermath

The aftermath of a hate crime is likely only the beginning. Living with frustration on a day-to-day basis can be your reality. Being misunderstood by everyone, including family and friends, isn’t uncommon. Besides this, being forced to suffer can make you realize how unfair life is. If you endure torture, speaking to a trusted therapist may be highly beneficial to your health and well-being. He/she can provide you with simple steps you can take for peace of mind.

If someone tells you to just get over a horrible crime that may have been committed against you, you have the right to be upset. You’re a human being and deserve to be treated as one. Although you’re likely to heal as time passes, internal wounds can run deep.

Yes, meditation and citrus oils can help you deal with symptoms from an anxiety attack, but you are not crazy. PSTD is a real issue that affects many people. Don’t be afraid to consult medical professionals.

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