.One of the many things we enjoy during spring is enjoying nature. Whether it’s the fresh air, crisp wind, or comfortable weather, we all enjoy the natural benefits of springtime. However, it is up to all of us to ensure that we maintain that cleanliness and freshness. These nine tips can show us exactly how we can preserve nature in spring.


Sort the garbage

Separating garbage into “components” and throwing them out separately is the rule that all environmentalists are trying to accustom the inhabitants of the developed countries all over the world. At home, you can easily do the same thing and stop asking yourself ‘how to preserve nature’.

The only problem is garbage containers are usually common for all types of garbage. However, if you want, you can, for example, send glass bottles and cans to a glass waste reception point, paper, old magazines, newspapers – to paper recycling. It is very important that garbage cans do not contain hazardous domestic waste. For example, bulbs, batteries, mercury thermometers and other similar things that can harm the environment.

Make an effort to clean your old town

Public actions for planting trees, volunteer programs for garbage collection in a rainbow river state park, waterfall and zoo, springs preserve hours are the events you can participate in without any harm to the budget and with benefit to your own health. Try to go there together with relatives, so you will not only help improve the ecological situation but also have a good time with your family, as the joint work is known to bring together.


Save fuel

Motorists can also participate in preservation of the environment. Do not abandon cars in favor of public transport and bicycles, and at least reduce fuel consumption while driving. The optimum speed for an average car is 60-90 km/h, so sticking to it, you can save up to 20% of the fuel. In addition, you should keep the car in order: check the pressure in the wheels, remove unnecessary heavy rubbish from the machine. This will help to reduce drag during driving and the consumption of gasoline.

Another tip: if you stand for a long time, for example, in the queue at a gas station, it will be more economical to turn off the engine.


Reduce electricity consumption

High consumption of electricity has been an argumentative topic for a long time. Scholar community, including Edu Birdie, has written numerous researches on that matter, and finally proofed that reduction of power usage has a great impact on nature. It may seem that the computer left in the standby mode and the microwave oven, which is not turned off, do not expend a lot of energy. But, in fact, a year can run up a fair amount of wasted electricity, and, consequently, money.

Tip: turn off all devices that you do not use the network, or use “socket-pilots” with a button to completely turn off the electricity.


Choose the right materials

Ecologists advise to avoid plastic bags and disposable goods, due to the fact that polyethylene and plastic can decompose in landfills for many years, and when they are burned, acrid black smoke is released. So, supermarket packages can easily be replaced with canvas bags, and disposable plastic picnic utensils – with cardboard plates and reusable instruments.


Save water

Stocks of fresh water are depleted, scientists urge every inhabitant of the planet to think about the future and to use water rationally. So, you can take a shower instead of a bath, use an economical shower head with a flow rate of fewer than 10 liters/min, turn off the water while you brush your teeth. By the way, you not only help our planet but also save money on utilities.

preserve nature in spring


Throw away unnecessary things

At home, you can often find a lot of things that you do not use. After a while, this trash will fly to the dump. But, you can donate things that are still useful. There are many charitable organizations that are ready to accept old clothes, equipment, children’s toys and transfer them to shelters, orphanages or shelters for the homeless.


Do not litter

There are lots of cigarette butts on the roadsides and the metro, piles of uncleared garbages in parks after picnics, and beer cans and packages of chips are scattered everywhere in the courtyards. Of course, to cultivate a caring attitude towards the world around, you is needed to be taught from childhood, but each of us can watch at least for themselves.

For example, do not throw candy wrappers out of the car window. Instead, throw them in the dustbin. Likewise, leave a clearing after a friendly picnic clean.


Do not violate the law

It applies to…

  • illegal deforestation.
  • the collection of rare plants.
  • poaching.
  • deliberate or accidental arson.
  • pollution of river waters with chemical waste.
  • other illegal activities.

Irreparable harm to nature can be caused, which, in the final analysis, will negatively affect the inhabitants of the Earth.


Summary: How We Can Preserve Nature in Spring 2018 (& Beyond!)

  • clean your town as much as possible.
  • save fuel.
  • reduce electricity consumption.
  • choose the right materials.
  • save water.
  • recycle unnecessary things.
  • avoid littering.
  • do not break the law.

With that being said, enjoy spring 2018 (and every spring) in good health with yourself and your loved ones!


About the Guest Contributor:

Robert Everett is a 28 year old American blogger and writer. Despite his young age, Robert has already obtained multiple awards in the field of Literature. He is a nature enthusiast and currently is working on his ecology-related book.

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