Is stress making your life a nightmare? Finding ways to stay calm and let go of harmful emotions is not easy. Do you wonder if something besides meditation and breathing exercises can help? We talk about four more ways to beat the stress before it takes hold of you in this blog.

Pressure point massage

You can ask someone who knows how to massage sensitive areas to give you a shoulder or neck massage when tension peaks. There are pressure massaging tools available online. Rubbing the skin increases the temperature of the area and improves blood flow. The additional circulation brings more oxygen to the cells and removes harmful toxins that build up during stressful periods. Regular massage in these areas loosens stiff or knotted muscle groups and helps realign the body.

Mala beads

Agates are stones people believe can offer healing powers. Mala beads use gemstones like moss or jasper to aid in prayer. These beads are powerful meditation tools. The wearer uses them to chant a mantra and count over a hundred times to reach nirvana, and can greatly assist in handling stress. You can purchase bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry with these beads online.

Essential oil diffusers

Just as important as sight, smell is powerful to relieving and handling stress. Aromatherapy often helps people transport themselves to another place. Strong childhood scents like jasmine or cinnamon can get a person to think about calmer times and forget about recent issues. While there is a huge variety of scents one can put in an essential oil diffusing system, it is important to check to see which ones are safe for pets. Some oils can be toxic to birds, fish, cats, dogs, and exotic pets.

Weighted blankets

When all you want at the end of the day is to curl up under a comfy blanket, a weighted one might be the best choice. These blankets offer a hugging sensation to calm upset users. The additional weight is not heavy enough to be cumbersome, rather it provides a double or triple blanket feeling without the material.

Do you need a home free of stress? Choosing one or more of these tension-busting ideas can help make your home a sanctuary. Instilling a sense of calm means creating new ways to relax. When one method stops working, it may just mean it is time to switch to another. Sometimes, it takes a combination of things to cut the thickest tension when stress is at its worst.

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