Baby’s skin is sensitive in general, especially in the first 6 months. This is why it’s crucial that you’re very careful with how you treat your baby’s skin as well as the products you use. Keep in mind that allergies, rashes and other irritations could happen, which should be a clear sign that something in your baby’s skincare routine has to change, but that doesn’t mean you should stress over this incident terribly. These things can happen and with the right care, they’ll also pass quickly.

1. Bathing and powdering

Bathing and powdering

Most parents choose to give their baby a bath every single day. In that respect, it’s essential that you create a pleasant and healthy environment for the baby as well. So, no air conditioners and fans working in the room where the baby takesabath or gets dry. Lukewarm water is key for baby’s sensitive skin. When it comes to bathing products, opt for really gentle baby-specific shampoos and soaps. Don’t fall for the antibacterial marketing as these products can actually be too harsh for the baby’s skin. When powdering is concerned, always go with talcum powder that’s fragrance- and chemicals-free. Herbal powders made specifically for babies work the best.

2. Diaper trouble

Diapers are a must-have when there’s a baby in the house. However, diapers can also lead to diaper rash. These rashes are rather common, especially in the first couple of months and aren’t necessarily serious, but you still want to prevent the rash from occurring. For starters, choose a diaper brand that’s targeted for very sensitive skin. Switch up the brands if needed in order to find the best option for your baby. Make sure to change the diaper the moment it gets wet. Before you change the diaper, clean your baby’s diaper area with wipes and use talcum powder. It’s also important that diapers aren’t too tight; otherwise, this too can cause rashes and skin irritations.

3. Use adequate skincare

Use adequate skincare

The products you use for baby skincare can make a world of difference for your child’s skin. As stated before, babies have sensitive and often dry skin, which means that the products should be very nurturing and moisturizing. In general, top-quality organic baby skincare is always the best option as these products use quality ingredients without chemicals. But if you need something extra protective on occasion, keep in mind that natural coconut oil is always a good option.

4. Specific skin issues

Dry skin, eczema and even baby acne are all problems that can happen when your child is very young. Mild soaps and plenty of moisturizing lotion should deal with eczema and dry skin effectively. But in case your baby develops acne and if any of the other issues persists, it’s crucial that you visit a paediatrician as soon as possible. You don’t need to worry about skin discoloration and birthmarks too much, however, as these conditions tend to be rather common and aren’t dangerous.

5. Other skin essentials you should know about

Keep in mind that babies should never be exposed to direct sunlight in the first 6 months after birth. You can effectively protect your baby’s skin with light clothes and hats. When it comes to SPF, babies younger than 3 months shouldn’t use it. For older babies, consult your doctor for the best kind of baby-appropriate SPF product. Also, before you dress your baby in a new outfit, make sure that you wash and soften the clothes. Avoid tight clothes and also use sensitive, baby-safe detergent and softener for your child’s garments.

Other skin essentials you should knowabout

Even if the ideal skincare takes a little bit of experimenting to perfect, it’s not the end of the world. Most babies tend to experience some skin irritation problems but these should be easily managed. Of course, if the problem doesn’t seem to go away, always consult the paediatrician.

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