As a follow up from my page on Inner Peace & Relaxation, today I will be discussing the art of meditation in greater depth. Over the past few weeks my Inner Peace & Relaxation page has been receiving a lot of comments and queries on the recommended relaxation technique and if it ties in with meditating.  The truth is that yes – indeed it does. There are many misconceptions about meditating and a lot of people believe it is something that only Buddhists or hippies do. This notion is completely untrue as meditation can be traced back thousands of years and is even mentioned in the Bible.  In actual fact meditating is something that we all do naturally every single day, even though we may not be aware of it.

What Is Meditation?


The best way to describe meditation to someone who has never experienced a meditative state is comparing it to a form of daydreaming. In other words, you are still in a state of awareness but your mind is somewhere else. Another good example is how you feel when you are beginning to fall asleep; semi conscious but mentally drifting off.

Wouldn’t you agree that both of these states of mind are positive and enjoyable? When practiced and mastered, this is a state that you will be able to switch on and off as you please, inducing a complete sense of inner peace and relaxation.

It is scientifically proven that by relaxing and allowing the body and mind to unwind in this manner frequently, serves as much benefit (if not more) as sleeping does. A meditative state, once achieved causes the brain to slow down in its activity, allowing thought processes to become more acute and focused. As a result, people are able to obtain a better understanding of their thought patterns, anxiety and stress, fears, dreams and ambitions, in addition to becoming more balanced and calm in character.

What Are The Benefits?

I could write you a huge list of all the proven advantages that meditation provides, however that wouldn’t have much meaning behind it; so I am going to go one better than that and share with you my own personal experiences with the practice.

My concrete results from meditation have been boundless and in some cases completely unprecedented. Not only have I become a more relaxed and peace loving person, I have also quit smoking, lost weight, purchased my first property, and now have an increased income in a job that gives me more of a work life balance that I never had before.  Oh and I also got back in contact with a guy who I studied with years ago at university – we have now been together for almost two years. In a nutshell and without meaning to sound arrogant, I have made changes in my life that at one stage I would have told you were not possible. I have learnt so much about myself and what I am capable of. I have realigned my desires and goals in life which has made me understand what it is I truly want from this world and where my priorities lie (which are a lot different from what I initially thought!).

magicmindHow have I been able to do this? Meditation has introduced me to a sense of self empowerment where anything and everything is possible. Since beginning this self development journey I have meditated mostly every day, giving me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts, fears, limiting beliefs and confidence, emotional, mental and physical state.  From this I received clarity in determining what my true ambitions were, where I needed to begin in taking action, and thereby making changes.

Meditation can be used for anything; to improve understanding, focus and concentration, minimizing anxiety and stress, overcoming fears and phobias, increasing confidence and self esteem… the list is endless and I challenge you in providing me with a situation or problem that cannot be aided by meditation. You see – our repetitive thoughts which are dictated by our emotions, become our beliefs, our beliefs influence our actions and behaviors and ultimately the choices we make in life. Meditation (as well as many other techniques!) will target this process at the root level where all these relevant factors are embedded in our subconscious mind.


Don’t Be Fooled

Meditation is by no means an answer to life’s problems, it is only a technique that some people choose to implement to guide them via the power of their minds. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will have any remarkable impact on you or your life. Meditation, self improvement and personal development come in many forms, however what needs to be remembered is that how these tools are utilized is up to the individual. Unless a person is willing to be flexible, open their minds and alter their behaviours and perceptions of the world, meditation is futile and change out of the question.


If on the other hand you are wanting to make real and meaningful changes in your life and think that meditation/personal development is something that could work for you then why not read my This Time Next Year post? I am currently offering free life coaching sessions (100% free sessions, not just a consultation) for those of you who are serious. Please read my post This Time Next Year for more information on how this would work for you and what it involves. Should you have any questions please contact me below or on

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx



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