Full-Fledged Prosthetic Devices That Replace Missing Teeth

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Full-Fledged Prosthetic Devices That Replace Missing Teeth

Human teeth sparkle white and beautify the smile and whole face. They are also essential for speech and food intake. But unfortunately, teeth have to be extracted for various reasons. Accidents, diseases, and congenital problems are cited as main causes by the researchers. The missing parts have to be replaced with a prosthetic device or denture repairs and these replacements are also carried out for improved performance. Read More

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After Losing a Permanent Tooth: Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

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Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

The loss of a permanent tooth can be traumatic. The good news is that dental technology and advancements provides several options for replacement. These options can include a dental implant, bridge or partial denture. The condition of your existing teeth, dental hygiene habits and insurance coverage can all be important factors in determining the best replacement option. This article will compare the benefits of doing a dental implant vs dental bridge.

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10 Fun Dentistry Facts & Dental Health Tips That You Must Know

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Fun Dentistry Facts

Imagine  spending your favorite leisure time with great fun and enjoyment. Now imagine that suddenly, you start to suffer from excruciating pain from some tooth problem. I am sure your fun time just got spoiled and rendered into the moments of suffering and woe. It’s in times like these that knowing fun dentistry facts and tips can really come in handy. Read More


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