What is Biofeedback and How It Can Help You!

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what is biofeedback

We love natural forms of treatment that are safe and can be used by almost anyone. Modern developments in technology and medicine have led to the discovery of potentially life changing alternative treatment forms. One of these discoveries is biofeedback therapy. This modality works by monitoring they body’s biological reactions to electrodes in order to record vital measurements. Scroll down to learn more about what is biofeedback and how it can enhance your health and wellbeing… Read More

Understanding the Holistic Care Approach & Why It Matters

holistic care approach

The holistic care approach is becoming more understood and acceptable by many people around the world. People now are running after holistic healing more than ever before.

The problem though is that there are many people that still don’t get what it is. As a homeopath, I hear so many misconceptions of what holistic healing is and how it works from clients, other people, and even doctors! Read More


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