Everybody knows how important is to have healthy teeth, but our gums need the same amount of the attention. There will be no healthy teeth without healthy gums. To keep your gums healthy, it is important not only to follow the rules of proper oral hygiene but be sure that they are provided with proper blood circulation. That’s when a good and simple gum massage comes in handy!

Normally, the gums work as they supposed to as they chew some hard vegetable food. This provides them with the necessary workout that strengthens them. However, if your gums are weak and constantly bleed, you can provide them with additional support by doing a gum massage.


What Are the Benefits of a Gum Massage?

A couple of minutes of your attention a day will do wonders for your gums. Gum massages can help by:

  1. Increasing blood circulation.
  2. Providing cells with oxygen.
  3. Strengthening periodontal tissues.
  4. Reducing swelling.
  5. When done with antibacterial ointments, it disinfects your mouth.
  6. Preventing the development of cavities.

How to Massage Your Gums With A Toothbrush?

Use only a toothbrush with soft natural bristles to avoid damaging your gums while doing the massage. By the way, using such toothbrushes even for regular brushing is way better too – a hard artificial bristle damages the dental enamel. Here are several techniques to perform the massage:

  1. Put the toothbrush tightly to the base of the teeth. Part of the bristles need to lay on the gum, but not the sharp edges – they must look up. Rotate it with a little vibration.
  2. Put the toothbrush at a right angle and move over the teeth, touching the gum (should be avoided if you have periodontal disease)

This massage is better to do in the morning. In the evening, use your fingers instead.

How to Massage Your Gums With Your Fingers?

The fingers you should use are the thumb and index finger. You can work right on the mucosa or from the external part of the cheek. There are four basic movements:

  1. Stroking. This is what you should start with. If there are zones of swelling or stagnation, you should start from the non-inflamed parts moving slowly to the bleeding hotbeds.
  2. Rubbing. It delivers pressure on the periodontal tissue. Your movements should make a spiral that spreads gradually on the jaw half.
  3. Pushing. It is an action on one spot. Just press and rotate.
  4. Squeezing. Squeeze your gum between the fingers.


Gum Massages Rock!

All these techniques are very useful if your gums bleed slightly. If there is a severe periodontal disease, the massage may only make things worse and should only be performed after the doctor’s approval.

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