For all the cannabis lovers out there, what can be better than to start the day off with some home-made edibles? Adjusting your recipes to your needs is always a better choice and if you love cooking you can have a full nutrient, healthy cannabis breakfast.

For those who want the benefits of cannabis and want to avoid the subtle “dizziness” of the high felling, we have you covered.

Here you can find cannabis-infused recipes for THC lovers and CBD infused desserts for the more sensitive group. Dig in!

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Cannabis Butter

Many cannabis edibles are made with cannabis butter – cannabutter. Nevertheless, edibles can be made with row cannabis, cannabis milk, and oil. The strength of the edibles depends on the THC levels and the amount of the product used. Cannabutter, however, is the most recently used ingredient as it is very versatile and can be used in preparing any kind of meal.

There are many different ways to make your home-made cannabutter and use it in your recipes later. This gives you the chance to control the THC concentration according to your needs. Strong cannabutter will produce strong edibles.


·         Cannabis trim or dried buds

·         Butter

·         Water


·         Boiling Pot

·         Strainer

·         Stirring spoon

  • The process of making cannabutter produces a lot of odor!

1.    Put your cannabis in the pot. It should fill ¼ to 1/3 of the pot.

2.    For every cup of butter put 4 cups of water in the pot until is almost full.

3.    Leave your pot to heat until the boiling point.

4.    It should be left to boil for about 4 hours. Stir it from time to time.

5.    As the level of water lowers with boiling add additional water to keep the same quantity.

6.    After it is done put the butter in through a strainer into a jar or preferred container.

7.    Leave it to cool and then put it in the refrigerator.

  •         When you use your cannabutter for cooking you can mix it with regular one to adjust the level of potency to your own desire.

Cannabis Pancakes

Once you’ve prepared your cannabutter you can use it to prepare any of your preferred meals. Here we will suggest you make the all-time favorite pancakes with your magical butter.


·         ½ cup flour of your choice

·         3 teaspoons of baking soda

·         1 teaspoon salt

·         1+1/2 cup milk

·         3 tablespoons cannabutter

·         1 egg

·         Sugar or sweetener by your choice


1.    Mix together the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Melt the butter and along with the eggs and milk pour it in the mixture. Stir well until smooth.

2.    Grease a frying pan and put it over medium heat. As you are baking the pancakes one by one you can add cannabutter or regular one onto the pan to make them extra smooth. Serve hot and enjoy!

  •         In the recipe mentioned before you can substitute cannabutter with a regular one and add your best CBD oil.

Raw Energy Balls

This is a recipe suitable for everyone. It is simple and tasty.


·         1 cup cashews

·         ½ cup walnuts

·         ½ cup dates

·         1.2 cup maple syrup

·         2 tbsp. of cannabutter ( or 250mg CBD oil)

·         1 tsp. vanilla extract

·         1/2 tsp. Salt


1.    Grind the cashews and walnuts to small pieces or pulse them into a food processor.

2.    Presoak the dates in water. Put them in the food processor with the nuts.

3.    Add all the other ingredients and pulse until you get an even mixture.

  •         If the mixture is too sticky add more nuts or coconut.

4.    Make small size balls.

5.    Roll them in different or your preferred topping. Ex:

  •         Coconut, ground nuts, chia seed, raw cacao powder.

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Chocolate and Coconut/Cannabis Cups


·         ½ cup melted coconut oil

·         ½ cup raw cacao powder

·         ½ cup coconut butter – melted (or melted cannabutter)

·         1tbsp CBD oil

·         1tbsp honey

·         Cupcake cases


1.    Melt the coconut oil and put the cocoa powder in it. Whisk well.

2.    Add the honey to the mixture and stir well.

3.    Split the mixture evenly in 6-8 cup cases.

4.    Put them in the freezer to firm for 30min.

5.    Melt the coconut butter (or the cannabutter) in a bowl.

6.    Take the cup cases from the freezer and pour 1 tbsp. of the hot butter on each of them.

7.    Fill them quickly and put them back in the refrigerator.

8.    Once they are cooled you can top them whit fruits and serve them

  •         Enjoy!

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