Technology has its own significance when it comes to the the health tech industry. The new era of technology aims at advancing the modern practice of scientific medicine, outreaching the patients in rural areas, and patient care, thereby, striving to resolve most complex healthcare challenges. One such area where technology can make a difference is in eczema. There are many technologies that tackle eczema.

Teledermatology is one such advancement using technology that can help tackle eczema. This is used to treat and diagnose the patients who have less access to dermatologists in the rural areas. The technology uses telecommunication technology to relay data information, audios, videos to help the patients. A technique can be further used to know about the patient whomsoever needs an extra follow up by a dermatology clinic to manage and maintain their skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, acne and more.

Benefits of Teledermatology:

  • Can offer early diagnosis for the skin problems before they worsen.
  • Can improve patient compliance with the medically recommended treatments.
  • Increases access for the patients to the medical healthcare services regardless of the geographic location.
  • Healthcare cost reduced to minimum  for the patients in the rural areas.
  • Reduces emergency room visits.

Teledermatology turns out to be a greatest advancement in the industry that progressively revolutionized the entire healthcare market. Using this technology for dermatology is becoming useful due to the visual nature of the skin conditions.

Digital Medicine is another such advancement using technology. A significant growth in the doctor-patient relationship in the past 10 years has been a result of digital medicine.


The Term – Digital Medicine


An estimated 50% of adults in the US are diagnosed with one or more chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases that are the cause of seven out of 10 deaths. Statistics reveal that health-care accounts for 86% of the total costs in the US. It is essential to seek medical advice and follow recommended self-management regimens to treat these health conditions. However, often brief doctor visits, overwhelming self-care demands fail to be beneficiary for the patient and they end up in worsening their conditions.

This is where the role of digital medicine becomes prominent and necessary. Digital health is the utilization of the digital technologies to drive a change in the health, healthcare for better living, more productive lives and improved society. Hospitals and doctors suggest that certain digital tools or health apps are empowering the patients to better track, manage, and improve their lives.


These apps are also helping to minimize the inefficiencies in the healthcare system, improve the doctor-patient access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized and precise.


Benefits of the Digitally Powered Health Apps


Digital medicine being a convergence of remote monitoring, behavior modification and personalized intervention can help manage symptoms in some of the most chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. This has resulted in an increased number of healthcare systems and hospitals preferring digital apps that have undergone clinical trials and can be adopted on a large scale at an economical cost simply through the use of smartphones, wireless devices, and sensors.


  • These health applications are an assurance for the patients that they can manage their health.
  • In addition to boosting a patient’s confidence, these digital programs are a medium for the doctors to acquire information related to the patients’ symptoms, behavior, habits and know when the regimens aren’t being followed or intervene during the time of flare-ups.
  • These innovations also help the care teams to consistently motivate, support the patients to change their lifestyle and follow a routine that includes exercising, taking medications or similar to get a complete hold on their disease.
  • These medical apps help people monitor and manage their condition at home, thereby, reducing the need to visit the specialist more often.


Supporting Studies


Several studies and surveys have been conducted so far to evaluate the significance of health apps. The outcomes have been positive; favoring the patients as well as the healthcare centers.

A few of the studies include:


Some apps that can help tackle the eczema are listed below:


Eczema Tracker App


Eczema is a common skin condition affecting approximately 30 million Americans, including children and adults. Although no definite cause has been determined till date for the occurrence of eczema, it is commonly linked to family history of asthma, hay fever, eczema, allergies and environmental factors. Food and medicine allergies, pet dander, environmental factors, such as pollen, humidity, temperature alterations, molds are common factors that cause eczema flare-ups.


While the ailment can’t be cured, it can be managed by avoiding the triggers that aggravate the symptoms of eczema. It often becomes tough to keep a record of these triggers. This where a relevant mobile app can take hold of your condition.


Eczema Tracker by Redblink Inc. is the most appropriate app that will help you track the triggers, manage the medicine usage, record the flare-up intensity, provides informational blogs and tips to control eczema in a systematic way.


About the App


  • It helps track outside environmental conditions, including the weather, temperature, pollen count, UV index, mold for a particular location and the specific date.
  • You can keep a record of your varied triggers such as environmental, food and health related that result in flare-ups.
  • You can keep a note of your medication lists.
  • Graphical data to present your flare-up intensity and medication usage for specific day.
  • Tips, advice and new & updates section to provide more information about eczema, its symptoms, triggers and remedies.


Eczema Tracker App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Eczema Care App

The app is created by Johnson and Johnson — itunes: “Eczema Care was developed to help the eczema sufferers manage and treat their eczema. Eczema Care is a free resource provided by AVEENO® with additional information provided by the Eczema Society of Canada.”

*Only available on iPhone and iPad supported by iOS 7.


About the App


  • You can get valuable skin care tips.
  • You can easily track eczema flare-ups.
  • Can log your daily eczema management activities.
  • Easily create customized reports that will help you and your physician develop a more effective ongoing routine specifically for you.



Eczema Doc  App

The Eczema Doc app is designed by the Department of Dermatology at UT Southwestern Medical Center as an informational resource for the eczema sufferers. The app can be used to understand, know more about the causes and treatments for eczema, but should not be used to treat eczema without any specific recommendations by the dermatologist.

The information captured within the app is derived from the National Eczema Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology, and dermatologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center.”


About the App


  • Provides information related to eczema, its triggers and more.
  • Know about treatments, factors that make eczema worse.
  • Offers a quick reference section that provides illustrations on treatments, wet baths, bleach baths and more.
  • Possess several step by step cartoon illustrations
  • Provides references
  • Offers a complete bunch of helpful websites that can be perfect for the eczema sufferers.

Eczema Doc is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


EmolliZoo app

The EmolliZoo app from Dermal Laboratories uses the Zookeeper as a guide to teach children all about eczema and why emollients are such an important part of the treatment process. They then get to learn the best way to apply their own emollient through a series of games where they help the Zookeeper to put emollient on her animals, all of which suffer from eczema. All EmolliZoo educational content is accredited by the National Eczema Society (Regd Charity Nos 1009671 and SCO43669).”


About the App


  • Provides better understanding of the good skin care routine.
  • Offer emollient use by own with the game play.
  • Able to input their own treatment calendar.
  • Receive gentle reminders to apply emollients at proper time intervals.
  • Can attach your pics of the affected areas to the calendar entries to show to your dermatologist.


Eczema by AZoMedical  

The app is created by AzoNetwork, a free -access online information provider for the scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals and technologists. You may be glad to know that the app doesn’t require any internet connection for its smooth functionality however for the updates you need internet services.

About the App:

  • Get latest news about eczema
  • Can be used on offline mode
  • Easily accessible
  • Regularly updated eczema information

iControl Eczema


The app was created and launched by Dr Mark Koh, Head and Consultant Dermatologist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, to 750 doctors and dermatologists. It is basically targeted at the parents of the children and uses patient-friendly measure known as Patient Eczema Severity Time (PEST).


About the App:


  • Simple and user-friendly app.
  • Attach pictures of the affected areas.
  • Take notes about the skin condition on the daily basis.
  • Can offer graphical representation of the eczema flare ups.
  • Allows to set reminders for the medications.
  • Uniquely based on the PEST score i.e Patient Eczema Severity Time score.


iControl Eczema app is available for Android.

Conclusion: Take Advantage of These Technologies That Tackle Eczema!


The introduction of this new technology may initially take some time for complete implementation but according to the pace it is growing, soon it will take over the health industry in a positive manner. It will definitely change the outlook and approach of care teams, doctors, while, the patients will feel more connected and experience better care opportunities than before.



About the Guest Contributor


Hi, I’m Nav. For the past few years, I have been an avid learner in the field of eczema and its care. My knowledge in the area developed as a result of my son’s eczema condition. Despite being born as a healthy boy, he was affected with the skin condition when he was merely 6 months old. I adopted several measures, precautions, allergy free dietary habits and treatment plans to help manage my son’s eczema symptoms. My struggle alongside my son, resulted in the development of my blog website Eczema Living.


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