Spending hours at the gym for building muscles may not be true every time.

The right way is to build muscular physique by exercising hourly & daily. Hard work is required and slowly & steadily target is achieved. You don’t have to work on for 2 to 3 hours in a day to see the results. The full body workout for weight loss body building helps in progressing which is easy to fit in daily lifestyle.

A full body workout could be best when a person is looking for intense weight loss. It allows doing workout with more frequency. The intake of calorie also reduces while working towards weight loss. A full body workout practised with a goal gives maximum results. The muscles contracts practised with heavy weights give effective results.


The full body workout could be beneficial in many ways

  • It saves time: The full body workout at once decreases the frequency of gym to around three to four times in a week. A person will spend an hour in the gym. Thus, focusing on each and every body part as per the schedule.
  • It boosts cardiovascular system: Working for 60 minutes every day speeds up cardiovascular system. A person needs to practise 2-4 sets per body part regularly to achieve effective results.

There are certain rules applied for guide to well the full body workout for weight loss.


Train once every 2-3 days

An effective workout results not only with lifting weights. You also need to practise cardio with it regularly.


Lift heavy weights

Many people who do full body workout ends up with lifting light weights to save energy for body parts to be used later in their routine. Therefore, if you don’t lift heavy weight, the body is not going to make optimal progress. It is advised to lift heavy weights.

Perform one exercise per muscle group

Practising basic, heavy exercises enables you to lift the weights where you don’t have to perform more the one exercise per body part. For chest, do bench press & for legs do squat etc. All of these exercises enable you to perform full body workout for weight loss body building.


Exercise for an hour or less

While planning workouts, remember resistance training affects muscle building hormones and adjusts accordingly. It is advised to perform workouts for 60 minutes or less but it should be intense to achieve effective results.


Consume post workout shakes

Due to heavy workouts, large amount of glycogen is utilised. To restore it, consume post workout shakes which includes protein shake etc. This will help in replenishing glycogen in body & restore the energy level significantly.


Keep changing the order of workouts

The maximum results can be reaped if equal attention is given to each body part. Don’t leave calves or abs always for last. Keep alternating exercises between legs, chest or back throughout a week.

Below is a list of exercises to be performed for the full body workout for weight loss bodybuilding for…

  • Back: Perform pull ups, bent-over barbell rows etc.
  • Chest: Perform bench press, dumbbell presses etc.
  • Legs: Perform squats, leg presses etc.
  • Abs: Perform crunches, hanging leg raises etc.


The Most Effective Body Re-Composition Diet Bodybuilding

  • Consume proteins: Increase protein consumption in your diet as it protects muscle tissue from breakdown. Intake of high protein diet throughout the day burns the calorie at faster rate.
  • Cut down carbs from diet: For the full body workout for weight loss bodybuilding cut down the carbs not completely but to an extent where they are utilised efficiently. Consume carbs when they benefit you most which include- two hours prior workout or right after it.
  • Eat healthy fats: Fats is important as it helps in maintaining optimal cell structure and hormone levels. Healthy fats include- walnuts, flax seeds etc. beneficial building muscles.

Beginners mostly focus on weight loss but they need to improve their diet as well. It is difficult to replace the regular eating habits instantly. Therefore, it is advised to change it slowly. Incorporate more healthy foods simultaneously cutting down unhealthy food. Steadily, limit the consumption of refined, processed & high calorie foods.

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  • Walnuts are full of health benefits, fats, nutrition and protein. … need an entire ounce to get results; eating even a couple every day has been found to have health advantages.


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