Over the last few years, hemp cosmetics are becoming more and more popular which can be attributed to 3 key reasons. To start, more people are becoming aware of the harmful ingredients in regular personal care products, and they are looking for the switch to natural products. Then as more countries legalize the growing of hemp, supply is increasing. Finally and most importantly, the growing body of research into hemp seed oil is providing the public with a long list of health benefits for skin and hair that people want to enjoy without putting toxins into the body.

What is hemp?

Hemp is one of the cannabis varieties but it is different from marijuana in that it does not cause a “high” due to minimal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For cannabis to be regarded as hemp, it has to contain less than 0.3% THC, compared to typical cannabis in dispensaries which could have THC levels as high as 20-30%.

Hemp seeds contain no THC whatsoever and they are the source of the oil used in cosmetics after being cold-pressed to make hemp seed oil. When not refined, the oil is clear green with a nutty flavour.

Benefits of hemp seed oil for skin and hair

When hemp seed oil is applied to the skin and hair, it provides many noticeable benefits.

Great moisturizer

Hemp seed oil is easily absorbed by the skin where it has great moisturizing benefits. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier function and helps to prevent the natural loss of moisture through the skin. Both of these benefits help to keep the skin deeply moisturized.

Feeds the skin

Hemp seed oil is a perfect skin food. It is full of vitamins, minerals and all 8 essential fatty acids which feed the skin from outside when applied topically.

Balances the skin

Dry skin can make the skin overproduce oil which may lead to acne. Hemp seed oil will moisturize dry skin and rebalance oily skin and regulate oil production on both skin types without clogging the skin.

Prevents early aging

Hemp seed oil is full of antioxidants which fight free radicals, prevent damage to cells and prevent early aging. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through its moisturizing properties.

Therapeutic benefits

Hemp seed oil relieves acne, minor abrasions, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and itchy skin due to the action of some of its natural compounds.

Strengthens the skin

Hemp seed oil strengthens the skin and increases its ability to resist infections from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.


The hemp seed oil contains huge amounts of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), omega-6 fatty acid and other compounds that fight inflammation. This is good news for people who suffer from arthritis and inflammatory diseases of the skin.

Improves skin appearance

Hemp seed oil refreshes the skin, evens out the complexion, and improves the skin’s texture, appearance, softness and suppleness.

Benefits of hemp seed oil for the hair

Cosmetic effects: Hemp seed oil is great for hair growth and health. The essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil are known to add moisture and shine to the hair, promote its growth, strengthen brittle hair strands, make hair soft and supple and help the hair to grow thicker.

Therapeutic effects: Some people claim that when they applied the oil to the scalp, they managed to reduce several scalp problems such as inflammation, dandruff, dryness and itchiness. From such subjective evidence, there is a possibility that the oil can treat scalp psoriasis. However, research still needs to be carried out to confirm this.

The use of hemp seed oil in cosmetics

All these properties make hemp seed oil an ideal ingredient for moisturizing and antiaging skincare products. They also make it an ideal carrier oil for massage oil and healing treatments. After using it for some time the skin’s appearance improves greatly.

Cosmetics that are made with hemp seed oil

You will start to see hemp seed oil pop up in many of your favourite cosmetics such as:


Many soft and light moisturizers are being made using hemp seed oil as one of the major natural ingredients whose purpose is moisturizing the skin. The skin benefits from the other properties as well.

Facial oil

Plain hemp seed oil can be applied to the skin directly as a moisturizer or anti-aging oil that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be mixed with other oils, such as coconut oil, moisturizing essentials and antiaging essential oils to enhance its effectiveness.

Soaps, shower gel and hand wash

The oil is an effective emulsifier that binds water and oil in the making of gentle soaps, hand washes and shower gels that do not dry the skin. While cleaning the skin these products also provide the other long list of benefits.

Body lotion

When mixed with other ingredients and essential oils, hemp seed oil makes a great whole-body lotion.

Body butter

Hemp seed oil can be mixed with other carrier oils such as jojoba and coconut, together with cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax and essential oils to make body butter.

Massage oil

When the oil is mixed with essential oils, it is great as a massage oil to soothe and relax aching muscles.

Baby oil

Nothing beats natural ingredients for sensitive baby skin. This oil can be used on its own to moisturize baby’s skin after bathing.


Hemp seed oil can be mixed together with other natural ingredients to make a great shampoo that cleans the hair without drying out the scalp.

Hair conditioner

The oil can be mixed with other natural ingredients to protect and moisturize the hair and scalp after shampooing.

Facial wash

The oil can be included in the formulation of a facial wash that contains no toxic or harsh chemicals and leaves the skin soft, smooth and moisturized.

Facial scrub

When added to other natural ingredients and micro-beads, it can gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

No wonder hemp cosmetics are popular

Hemp seed oil can be used to make the above products and many others such as deodorant and lip balm. With such versatility and such great benefits, it is no wonder that hemp cosmetics are growing in popularity.

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