Most people will likely agree that a walk outside can clear their head at times. With fresh air and a warm sun gracing the skin, there are times when concerns and problems seem to drift away. In today’s world, there is a lot of frustration and stress. Of course, the old saying that stress can kill is true. Stress can cause pain and muscle tension, headaches, chest pains, fatigue, a lack of sex drive, and upset stomachs.

There are an endless number of studies that point to the fact that being close to nature can heal. There are also just as many studies that point to the damaging effects of life in the city or suburbs. Add to this the damaging effect of sitting in front of a television or mobile device screen for hours on end.

It makes perfect sense to escape to the mountains where the beauty and natural surroundings can help clear the head and refresh the spirit. There are four main benefits that spending time in the mountains and enjoying the wilderness therapy in Utah offers:

  • The mountains, depending on their location and accessibility, have abundant plant life, lakes, forests, and trees. The environment can help lower a person’s blood pressure and normalize the heart rate.
  • Being alone in nature by yourself, or with loving friends or a group, can help you disconnect from the effects of sexism, classism, homophobia, racism, and other similar things. Mountain environments provide diversity at every turn. No two trees, flowers, or animals are the same. This revelation can impact people below their level of conscious thought. It speaks to the beauty of diversity.
  • In a beautiful and serene mountain setting, time seems to slow for many people. The busy deadlines that weigh on the lives of people often melt away. The human body loses its natural rhythm with clock time and deadlines. This causes a person to fall out of rhythm with the earth. Personal schedules can easily become rooted in the economic systems of the day. The healing process of the mountain can bring the physical body back in sync with nature.
  • Time spent in the mountains can also help a person appreciate life and its natural cycles. Death is a fact of life. In mountain environments, a person can witness the cycle of birth and death. Trees, animals, flowers, and grasslands die and are reborn. However, coming face to face with death and renewal can enable a person to value their own life more. The nature found in the mountains can help ease an individual back into the reality of living a fuller life.

There are a number of Utah mountain ranges that are great for hiking, camping, or nature walks. These ranges lie at the very heart of the state’s identity. Ranges include the Wasatch Mountains, Uinta Mountains, Wellsville Mountains, Wah Wah Mountains, Mineral Mountains, and the La Sal Mountains. Markagunt Plateau is an awe-inspiring highland of forests.

Make it a point to bond with the healing power of mountains whenever you can. It provides an ecotherapy treatment that the entire family can enjoy and benefit from.

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Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym

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