You probably have never even considered that oral health and your mouth have anything to do with your overall health. But, the fact of the matter is that the truth is quite different. The link between your oral and general health is a strong one. That said, it’s very important to keep your smile healthy as your mouth is the window to the rest of your body. In that sense, plaque and gum disease can be rather troublesome. Keep on reading to learn more.

Connection with diabetes

Connection with diabetes

Obviously, practicing proper oral hygiene is a must if you want to have a beautiful smile. After all, as beauty tips from the trend-setting country of Australia suggest, you don’t need a fancy hairstyle or a copious amount of makeup to look put-together if only your smile shines bright enough. But poor oral hygiene is not only the cause of potential teeth and gums issues; the problem can go as far as diabetes. Basically, one of the main signs of diabetes is none other than gum disease. Diabetes changes the blood flow which then causes the weakening of the gums.

Issues with heart disease

This is clearly a very serious link between oral and general health – however, there’s not a lot of explanation available as to how gum infection can contribute to heart disease. Still, the number of people suffering from some kind of cardiovascular issues also suffer from periodontal disease. There are some theories that bacteria and/or inflammation in the gums can travel via the blood vessels to the heart, sometimes causing a heart attack, or travel to the brain, in that case causing a stroke. Even though the connection hasn’t been 100% cleared up yet, it’s still very suspicious to find both periodontal and heart disease in patients.

Risk during pregnancy

Risk during pregnancy

Unfortunately, oral hygiene and your oral health in general can affect your overall health during pregnancy. Essentially, many dentist experts in The Land Down Under urge pregnant ladies to take good care of their teeth as gum disease, which is more common in pregnant ladies, can cause premature birth. Even in the case of something that at first seems purely aesthetic such as braces, it’s important to seek the most professional care when expecting. These days, you can easily count on a renowned orthodontist in Chatswood as well as other areas to get the best kind of work for your individual case.

Arthritis contribution

Who would have ever guessed that gum disease or any kind of teeth problem can actually contribute to knee arthritis and osteoporosis? Essentially, it’s believed that the weakening of the jaw bones can somehow affect the weakening of the other bones in one’s body. It seems that the synovial fluid found in joints affected by arthritis and osteoporosis also contain gum bacteria. That said, make sure that your oral hygiene is impeccable if you’re at risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. In the end, you may at least be able to delay the most painful symptoms.

Problems with respiration

Problems with respiration

The oral-body health connection doesn’t stop at arthritis though. There have been cases where gum disease, inflammation and bacteria can travel through the respiratory system into the lungs, thus causing serious respiratory issues. Not only that, but this kind of bacteria can actually make existing chronic lung diseases such as emphysema even worse. Actually, a chronic cough can also be a symptom of respiratory problems caused by poor oral hygiene. From Australia to Alaska, chronic cough is the most common problem when not taking good care of your teeth is concerned.

As you can see, oral hygiene and oral health in general have a tremendous effect on your overall health. No matter how far-fetched that may still sound to you, it’s important to realize that poor teeth care comes with serious consequences. Moreover, it’s paramount to share your other health conditions and meds you take with your dentist if you want to make sure that you’re completely covered when it comes to your general well-being. In the end, certain conditions such as diabetes can shed light on other problems while some meds can slow down the healing process for your teeth and gums.

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