Children are particularly vulnerable to allergenic triggers. It is because the process of their immune system development isn’t finished yet. As the child grows, their immune system improves and the body starts producing ferments to digest certain elements of food. This is why there are age restrictions for introducing certain food products to children.

Allergy is not always a rash or an itch. It can manifest itself being completely unnoticed by the child’s parents. Frequent respiratory diseases, stuffy nose, mood swings, fatigue – any of these can be allergy-induced. Allergy can occur as a reaction not only to food but also to dust, animal fur, pollen, and other allergens that are more specific. The reaction is individual.

However, there are some food products that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction. This doesn’t just concern the children, but some adults too. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid to give these products to your child, just follow the age restrictions and be attentive to your child’s reaction.

The Most Allergenic Products

1. Cow milk

Lactose intolerance is very common among both children and adults. It occurs because of a lack of necessary ferments in the human body to digest it. If this condition appears, it usually happens after the age of two. If it doesn’t then it probably won’t.

2. Fish

Even the very smell of fish can trigger a choking reaction. It is an intolerance of the fish’s muscular protein. The body’s immune system reacts on it the way it reacts to danger and tries to fight it. Fish should be introduced to a child very carefully after the age of 8 months. The portion should be very small and the reaction of the child carefully monitored.

3. Eggs

To be more specific, this concerns the egg whites. The mechanism is the same – an intolerance to a certain protein. This is why the first step to introducing eggs to a child should be with egg yolks. Only when your child reaches the first year of their life, you can introduce the whole egg.

4. Meat

The most allergenic meat is chicken. This is why you should start with other meats. Fatty meats are also not the option to begin with. It’s recommended to introduce meat broth no earlier than the age of 12 to 18 months.

5. Sweets

Preservatives and artificial flavors are powerful allergens. This is why it’s better to choose natural products to include in your child’s menu. Chocolate is considered a very allergenic product, so it’s better to wait until the age of 3 and start with milk chocolate first.

Remember, that allergy, even if not clearly manifested, is dangerous. One of its trickiest symptoms, a stuffed nose, causes mouth breathing, which distorts the child’s forming face. It causes problems with occlusion that will require treatment in the future. Sometimes, only a kids orthodontist can diagnose the problem. Be careful with your child’s menu and don’t forget to visit a pediatrician.

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