Constant tension and anxiety keep our body in a tense and rigid state. This is usually caused by daily stress and serious worries. As a consequence, our body suffers, the immune system weakens, our heart races faster and body pressure rockets.

This is just the body’s response to stress. Both our physical and mental health suffer due to stress levels. During stressful periods, your brain releases hormones. These hormones are supposed to give your body the protection it craves. However, if the body responds to stress every day, these stress hormones can only deteriorate your health.

A constant state of stress reduces our natural ability to self-heal. For this particular reason, every individual must get acquainted with the power of relaxation. With some practice and intention, we can rewire our brain and learn the effectiveness of relaxation techniques.

The act of reading

Losing yourself in a good book can help with any nagging thoughts about the future or the past. According to a study, reading can reduce stress by 60% and it takes just six minutes of light reading. Practically, you will distract yourself by being immersed in a fictional world. Reading also stimulates your brain and fosters creativity. In other words, reading is like a physical exercise but for the brain. Remember to set aside some time for reading each day. Pick a comfortable and quiet place and start practicing this relaxation technique. You can also play some relaxing sounds in the background and diffuse some lavender, lemon or jasmine oil for stress relief. 

The daily practice of meditation

The act of meditation shifts your mind’s attention from the worries to the present.  Once you let go of the things that make you anxious, visualize an image that makes you happy, you’ll start to relax. The best results are achieved if you sit comfortably, close your eyes and take deep breaths and slowly exhale. Just go with the flow and let your thoughts come and go. Focus on your breath and on visualizing your happy place. Do this for at least 10 minutes daily. After a while, your body will naturally respond to the rhythm of your breath and become more centered, and relaxed.

Prime your body to release endorphins

Any type of physical activity will stimulate your brain to reduce endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that allow your body to fight pain and stress. It takes 20 to 30 minutes of exercise for the body to start experiencing the benefits of endorphins release. In other words, after your body starts producing endorphins, your mood will improve and your worries will decrease. This will also give you an energy boost and the willpower to overcome daily stressors. Pick a typical fitness activity like weightlifting or CrossFit or any other class like pilates or yoga. Fun activities like gardening, dancing, brisk walking work as well. 


Not only does massage help with stress, but it also relieves pain, reduces muscle tension and improves your mood. You can visit a professional massage therapist once in a while. Or, you can also reap these health benefits with a self-massage. The easiest way to do this at home is with the help of a massage chair. That’s when a Cube Plus massage chair will come in handy to soothe and relieve your body of tension. Once your muscles start to relax, your limbs will feel lighter and you become calmer. Moreover, any negative thoughts will clear out and you’ll focus on the present. 

Get a full night’s rest

Sleep is the first thing people sacrifice to achieve more in their careers. If a project is due, people often stay up late in order to finish it. Your body can go through such stress occasionally. But, if this turns into a regular practice, then you’ll end up sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation triggers other health conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. Instead of sacrificing your sleep, you should use it to reset and rejuvenate. 

A full night’s rest will improve your mood, boost energy levels and give your body the relaxation it craves. If you have trouble clearing your mind before you go to sleep, try meditating or deep breathing before going to bed. Stress and lack of sleep both cause your body to produce stress hormones which are bad for your health. So, aim to relax before going to bed to reap the health benefits of sleeping to the fullest. You sleep should last between 7 to 9 hours each night. It is also advisable to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Constant sleep routine will keep your body in optimal health so you should stick to it at all times.

Another way to prioritize your health above everything else is to say no. Saying No is another powerful relaxation technique because you will make up the time for things that matter the most. You are simply prioritizing your health when you decline an activity that does not serve you. Cherish your time and spend it on something that will improve your health.

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