The Role of Physiotherapy in Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

Going through surgery is never easy but if it will help your health, it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders. However, recovery after surgery is equally important as well, especially considering that it’s completely up to you to follow the doctor’s advice. If you need physiotherapy, you should make it a point to be consistent and persistent as this type of practice will definitely help you get back the mobility and speed up the post-surgery recovery process. If you’re interested in learning more about physiotherapy, keep on reading.

1. Physiotherapy encourages muscle healing

Physiotherapy encourages muscle healing

Muscles around the wound can be especially sensitive in the post-surgery period. Even uncontrolled and sudden movements can damage the muscles and slow down the healing process. But, on the other hand, proper stimulation of these muscles can help them strengthen and protect the wound, thus making the recovery period more efficient and shorter. With that in mind, make sure to talk to your physiotherapist and follow their lead to a T.

2. The return of mobility

People who have to undergo surgeries involving their limbs and especially legs can find it troublesome to move their affected extremities properly. In order for their mobility to return completely, physiotherapy is essential. Not only are physiotherapy exercises a must in this case when it comes to boosting the recovery process, but, sometimes, the lack of appropriate physiotherapy can even completely impede the return of mobility. In that respect, gradually increasing the challenging levels of the physiotherapy exercises, monitored by the doctor, can help you resume your usual activities and get back to your lifestyle faster.

3. Speed up the recovery

Speed up the recovery

Obviously, you shouldn’t move too much after the surgery. But not moving at all can have as many negative effects as sudden movements. Depending on the type of surgery you had, lack of adequate physical movements can slow down your recovery process. At professional and renowned rehabilitation centres such as Better Rehabilitation practice and similar, you can count on personal and customized physiotherapy help which will guarantee the fastest possible recovery for your particular post-surgery situation.

4. Take part in your own recovery

Physiotherapy is not only beneficial for faster and more effective physical post-surgery recovery. Actually, it can make a lot of difference for the patient’s mental health as well. Essentially, post-recovery can be very difficult for people who are used to being mobile and active in their daily life, seeing as how poor mobility can cause stress and anxiety. But, thanks to the great option of physiotherapy, patients themselves can engage in their recovery process and feel purposeful and active once again. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon that patients who did nothing during their recovery period except for lying down simply can’t find the strength within to move on with their life. Physiotherapy prevents getting in such a mind slump.

5. Minimize dangerous situations

Minimize dangerous situations

People simply can’t stay still, which is just human nature. Even though some moving is always recommended, it’s hard for patients to control just how much and what type of movement is enough for their post-surgery recovery. In case the surgery was very invasive, there are more rules to follow. And even knowing what you should do doesn’t guarantee that you’ll know exactly how to do it in order not to aggravate the wound more. This is where physiotherapy can help considerably. With a professional by your side, there’s no risk of doing a certain exercise wrong and slowing down the recovery process.

Physiotherapy is a very important aspect of post-surgery recovery. It should never be viewed as something you could do but don’t have to if you’re not up for it. Quite the contrary – just like the meds you have to take, physiotherapy can make a considerable difference for your health and quality of life after surgery.

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