We all are well aware as to how important it is to focus on what we eat and consume. The area that we now need to care for as much as when we eat. What we eat is thus as imperative is when we eat it. Our body does not come with an actual internal clock. However, the rhythm of the body is so set that it keeps functioning on a built-in schedule. This rhythmic force also helps you adjust your sleep timings and environmental changes. 

The timings of consumption, whether it be your meals or snacks, affect your body significantly. Following a proper schedule can help you regulate your metabolism, body weight, issues concerning obesity, and sleeping cycle. Let us read further to find out how to time your meals for an efficient weight loss.

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For breakfast 

Figuring out a way to finish your breakfast between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM can help you reduce your overall calorie consumption. A study also suggests the same, the reason for which can be that the body consumes less due to less time spent on eating. However, even if you can not manage to eat an early breakfast, there is no need to worry. 

Eating late for breakfast implies a long overnight fast. It increases the speed for fat loss, as the body tends to reach the state of ketosis and burns up the existing fat in the body for energy, there are also keto weight loss pills available in the market for the same.

You should time your breakfast meal as per your comfortability. Though, make sure you eat a nutrient-dense meal to manage the weight well and get done with your morning meal before 10:00 AM.

For Mid-morning snack 

Munching on a mid-morning snack depends upon your hunger level. Eating an early breakfast might spur the onset of hunger before lunchtime. Our body digests food within 2-4 hours of the previous meals, according to which you can fall hungry. Some of the healthiest ideas for mid-morning snacks include greek yogurt, mixed nuts, apple slices, dark chocolates, and kale chips. 

For lunch 

A study found that having lunch late in the daytime has adverse effects on the body in terms of weight gain. Thus, it is preferable to finish your lunch before the clock strikes 3:00 PM. It gives you enough time to digest your meal correctly and prepare for the meals ahead in the day.

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For evening snack 

This meal is an optional one, which depends upon your hunger. Munching on healthy snacks between the proper meals stops the body from over-eating. However, make sure you eat your evening snacks after about 3-4 hours of your lunch. The idea here is to eat small meals rather than a whole big meals. Try fruits, vegetables, smoothies, and nuts for your evening snack. Almonds, specifically, provide strength to the body due to their ability to induce the release of testosterone.

For dinner 

You need to be considerate about when you eat your dinner. The time-space between when you have your dinner and when you fall asleep should be a minimum of 2-3 hours. This period allows your body to efficiently digest the food and health will be maintained . 

Hence, it is advisable to finish your last meal of the day by about 7:00 PM. As per a study conducted on a batch of 29 men, it was found that having dinner before 7:00 PM lowers the intake of calories by about 244 per day. Hence, maintain weight by being an early eater. 

Food timing 

The body tends to adjust to a particular set of schedules that you follow for eating every day. As per research, trying to meddle with the set pattern takes time for the body to adapt. Thus, it is best to consume your meals and snacks every day at the same time. Regular meal timings have a significant role to play in the maintenance of body weight. 

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To counter the times when the cravings arise, make sure you keep healthy and delicious snacks handy. Not only will this help you fulfill your hunger but will also satisfy your taste buds. Besides, those who consume a heavy dinner consistently, need to make a change to lose extra weight. Hence, instead of that, having a heavy breakfast works better for the metabolism level and the body overall. 

Similar to how vital your eating habits are, your sleeping pattern also plays a crucial role in your health. Research suggests that disrupting your sleep can directly lead to an increase in cravings for foods full of carbohydrates and sugar. Hence, it is imperative to get proper sleep every day to maintain the hormones and a fit body. Studies suggest that Cannabis can act as an appetite suppressant. One can take advantage of that by taking Cannabis from the best online dispensary Canada and smoking it when they feel hungry.

Hence, managing your diet is not enough to attain optimal health. The pattern you set for eating your meals is equally necessary. It calls for you to consider your set pattern again and tweak it as per the requirements to ensure you lead a quality lifestyle going ahead. With the legalization of Cannabis in many countries, one can easily mail order marijuana at there doorstep and smoke it whenever they want to curb hunger.  

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