Balanitis disease is the inflammation of the glans that occurs in men. It is due to infections and can be uncomfortable to handle. With proper medication, it is a curable condition and therefore not a very severe issue. Bad hygiene is the leading cause of Balanitis. Uncircumcised men are most likely to have Balanitis disease. It can happen at any age. Women can also have Balanitis, where the clitoris is inflamed as well.


It is essential that when this condition comes about, you should see a doctor immediately. A doctor will give you the necessary treatment options and medicine along with advice on what you should do to heal it faster. The inflammation occurs when there are irritations and allergic reactions. Balanitis cream is then prescribed by the doctor to sooth the area and minimizes the swelling. An antibiotic can also be prescribed to heal the swelling. Also, it is crucial that you avoid any kind of soap during treatment to avoid aggravating the area. You can, however, use the soap after the infection is completely healed.


Use home remedies to heal Balanitis disease

Home remedies always come in handy when going through issues to do with your body and are a sure way to bring about healing. It is important that before you apply the ointment or start the home treatment, you should clean the area with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth. This treatment should be done every day where the ointment is applied to the head of the penis twice a day. These remedies are easily found at home and can be found in the stores or garden. The home remedies include:

  • Yogurt

Yogurt has natural healing capabilities and can help solve and sooth ailments. Apply a thin layer of yogurt to the area. Leave it on and wash it off after.

  • Salt

Salt helps to soothe stomach aches and other abdominal problems. In this case, put salt into your bathing water before you take a shower. Soak in the salty water. The saline environment creates an environment which is not favorable for further infection. As a result, the infection will slowly disappear.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant can easily be found and is effective to heal and soothe burns and help with acne. With Balanitis disease, cut the Aloe Vera plant and extract the gel. Use the gel and apply it to the area. Aloe vera is an effective way of treating the disease.


Step up your hygiene routine

Poor hygiene is the leading cause of Balanitis disease. It should not be taken for granted. It is important that the area is kept clean and dry at all times. When cleaning the glans, making it a daily habit to wash up daily is vital. For the uncircumcised, pull the foreskin back gently when washing the area and use water only if you have no mild soap recommended by a doctor. Dry the area well and move on with your day.

Scented soaps can irritate the Balanitis disease. Avoid using such soaps because it will make the area worse.


Follow up with a physician

A doctor can help you find the remedies on how to heal the infected area. If the prescription that you got over the counter doesn’t seem to heal the Balanitis, it is better to see the doctor immediately to remedy your condition. If the Balanitis keep coming back, see a physician immediately to help guide more and point out what you are doing wrong and why you are getting the disease from time to time.


Above all, take general care of your glans area to prevent the disease from occurring. If affected, take the prescribed medicine as well as home remedies to quicken the process.


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