No matter wherever you are, be it an airport lounge or driving through the long interstates, and you are kind of hungry, you will always find a Subway nearby. Their rich tasty sandwiches are more than enough to satisfy both your hunger and taste buds.

But being a millennial, we do not only care about what satisfies our taste but we are also pretty much conscious of how many calories we put in. So, choosing our favorite sandwich has become no less than a daunting task.

And before you can dive right into them, do not forget to check out these amazing subway couponsfor some amazing deals and discounts.So, to make this task slightly easier for you, we have as many as 10 tips for you to quickly become a sandwich maestro.

#1 Go Green

We all love munching sandwiches at Subway but if you are on a diet, you may have been avoiding your nearest joint for a while. But do not worry, there is a way out. By choosing a salad with a ton of veggies, instead of chicken and cheese and you can shed about 200 calories on a single sandwich. And it also adds up to your daily veggie intake. Nice, right?

#2 There are even healthier solutions

Going green is not the only solution to eat at Subway without dealing damage to your body. There is also an option to reduce the carb intake on the sandwich bread. Just ask to have your bread scooped out and there you go. This special request removes the fluffy white filling from your bread and makes the carbohydrate contain a minimum.

#3 If you are going for it go for the best

Sometimes, only sometimes, it is better to shrug off all thoughts and worries about the calorie intake and diet and just get in there and eat what your taste buds have always craved. And for such days, our recommendation is going for the Spicy Italian. Do not worry just yet, it is no way as spicy as the name might suggest. Why would you wanna go for it? The answer is loads of pepperoni and salami that is present in this one. There are no inferior meats to distract you and you can really feel the soft salami melting in your mouth. Yum!

#4 The importance of dressing and the healthier option

Dressings are an important part of your sub. It makes it creamier at times and adds a distinctive flavor to your sandwich. But as most tasty things are harmful to your health, the tasty toppings of mayonnaise or Chipotle southwest sauce are really bad for the people in a diet. Is there a solution? There is ( it’s not the fat-free Italian dressing because of its high sodium content ). Go for the sweet onions. It is absolutely fat-free and low on sodium. But unfortunately, this is not an option for those who do not prefer a sweet flavor in their subs.

#5 It is always best to avoid Subway pre-mixed sauces

No matter what you choose to eat, it is always best to avoid the pre-mixed sauces at almost any food chain let alone Subway. Some of the most popular sauces such as the buffalo sauce is extremely high in sodium content and nutritionists have been warning against it for a while now. Go for simple choices such as guacamole and avocado.

#6 For the freshest bread, head to Subway around 11:30

Subway only uses bread less than a day old. And the make the fresh ones every day right at 11 AM. So head to your nearest Sub right around 11:30 and get the freshest meal. And if you are curious about other stuff, the veggies are only used for a maximum of 48 hours while the pickled veggies are used for as long as five days.

#7 There are special Subway stores for Celiac disease patients

Having Celiac disease does not mean that you should be deprived of the best of Subway. And thankfully, Subway has some select stores that serve a number of gluten-free options to its customers. This pilot project is now being tested in as many as 24 US locations ( Mainly along the West Coast and Washington state ) as well as in a number of locations in the UK and Canada.

#8 Go for the cookies

At Subway, you will find the freshest cookies after homemade ones. All the cookies they serve are actually cooked right in the store almost daily. And unlike other store-bought cookies, they are free of any kind of artificial colors and added preservatives. But please don’t take this as an encouragement to go for a bucket load of cookies. They are really high in calories and munching on more than two in combination with your sandwich in a single day is not at all recommended.

#9 For an instant upgrade, toast your bread

Many of us complete at least one of our daily meals at Subway. And with a regular serving of the same old sandwich may get boring pretty soon. And here is a cool hack to keep it interesting. Just request the bread to be slightly toasted every alternate day. This adds a nice crunch and warmth to your sandwich and somehow changes the whole flavor dramatically. However, choosing this option for takeout is a big no-no.

#10 If you are missing Thanksgiving already, try the carved turkey

If you miss Thanksgiving dinner at any moment, do not forget to head to your nearest Subway. The thick carved turkey has no slimy part and will instantly remind you of your mum’s Thanksgiving dinner. And for some of you who are really brave, add bacon slices on top of it and bingo. Your custom-made delight is now served.


Subway is the largest food chain in the world and boy they serve some quality sandwiches. But from a diet concerned generation’s perspective, it is far from being an acceptable diet. But if you have read this far, we hope that these tips help you carefully balance your cravings and your diet. So, what’s holding you back? Try your local Subway the next time you head out.

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