Menstrual cramps prevent many women from living a normal life during their menstruation. For many of them, the cramps are so severe that work or any other activity becomes impossible. This condition is also called dysmenorrhea and can occur without any cause at all. Together with pain, as if that’s not enough, there are mood swings, upset bowel, swelling, and many other troubles.

This is a true torture for women that needs to be relieved and healing powers of nature can help. Such well-known products as essential oils are famous for being a universal home remedy for various conditions including menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms. You just have to choose the right oils.

The Best Essential Oils That Relieve Menstrual Cramps

These oils don’t just reduce your menstrual pain, but also make you feel much better during your PMS phase. If you use them regularly, you may feel an improvement in your mood and in general during your menstruations. They are especially useful for women suffering from dysmenorrhea.

How to use them? You can either apply a few drops on the back of your head, mix with the neutral oil in your aroma lamp or add them into your bathwater or massage oil (you can even make your own by mixing them). The ones that showed the maximum effect on menstrual cramps are listed below. Be sure that you have no allergy to any of them before using.

Sage oil

Sage oil inhalations reduce the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood. It is also known for its positive effect over the thyroid gland and improving estrogen production. Its ability to relieve cramps will come in handy for women with dysmenorrhea.

Thyme oil

Thyme is a natural progesterone regulator. This hormone is responsible for swelling, overweight, sleep problems, upset bowel, and pain. Mix it with oregano oil if you need a super effect.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has numerous positive properties. One of them is the ability to reduce pain and muscular tension. Besides, it is good for your digestion which is often upset during the days of PMS and menstruation. And to crown it all, the smell of lavender is known to reduce stress and depression. A few drops warmed in your palms can make wonders to your mood.

Mint oil

Mint is a well-known relaxant and refresher. Not only will it relax your tensed body, but also help you get more concentrated at your work or other daily routine tasks. In the days when the pain takes over and you feel that your brain is fogged, it is a priceless ability.

No matter how you choose to help yourself with essential oils, don’t forget that they cannot be used in big concentration and amounts. A few drops in a mix with water or neutral oil will be enough for them to give you their best without risks to your health.

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