Cannabis components such as CBD are legal in many states in the United States and countries such as Canada and Uruguay. The legalization of CBD is increasing because of the many health benefits that it offers without causing any significant side effects. 

Getting the right dosage and in a balanced ratio of CBD: THC is crucial as it affects the effects you experience when using medical cannabis. Although the desirable cannabis component is CBD, the plant producing CBD produces THC as well. The ratio of these two components varies in the dosage depending on your condition.

Before we delve deeper into the subject, let’s retrace and know what the two products mean to us.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, an active compound in cannabis, and most prevalent in the hemp plant. It’s the second most prevalent ingredient of the active ingredients found in cannabis after THC. CBD is more beneficial as a medicinal substance in cannabis. Manufactures of the CBD products usually obtain the compound from the hemp plant, as CBD derived from the hemp plants only is legal. However, the cannabis plant has more than a hundred compounds. There is no evidence to suggest that pure CBD is harmful to your health. It brings with it no psychoactive effects. It is becoming popular in the medical field because it doesn’t cause significant side effects like pharmaceuticals. CBD can treat various conditions, like anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation, to name a few.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

While CBD has more therapeutic effects on your body, THC has more to do with marijuana’s psychological effects. THC acts more or less like the cannabinoid chemicals that your body produces naturally. The human brain has sensitive areas that have got a lot to do with pleasure, thinking, time perception, and coordination. 

Inside the human brain are the cannabinoid receptors that attach to these sensitive parts of the brain. Once you use a marijuana substance that has THC ingredient, it connects to the cannabinoid receptors of the brain, in turn, activating them. The end of it all is that THC delivery in your product affects your concentration, coordination, memory, and other psychological activities. 

CBD-THC Ratio And How It Applies To You


CBD-THC ratio is one of the most looked factors of cannabis products. Researchers know well that new strains are emerging by the day. Thanks to the high demand for the product, there is a need for new strains to meet the growing demand for marijuana products on the market.

In most cases, the two products work together. While we may want to believe CBD mostly works well as a medicinal substance, you can use the two ingredients together for both recreation and medicinal purposes. But the CBD-THC ratio of the products that you use determines the outcome you will experience. 

Some users prefer a higher ratio of THC to CBD for the simple reason that it leaves them with an intense euphoric feeling. Reducing the amount of THC reduces the severe psychological effect they experience with the high ratio of THC to CBD. 

On the flip side, some users are more comfortable with a higher ratio of CBD to THC. In this case, they are good to go with CBD but may need an addition of THC that comes with a range of benefits such as easing pain or discomfort that comes from physical illness. A lot of people utilize CBD to also enhance their athletic or sports performance. It worth suggesting here that if your desire to do better at sports or at the gym leads to an undesirable THC-CBD ratio, then it may not be a bad idea to try dianabol steroids for effective results. The rationale behind this is that CBD alters the ability of THC to connect and respond to brain receptors. However, you can’t use CBD to erase or rid the effects of THC on your body.  

You can still use the two compounds independently. When mixed, they provide users with a wide range of advantages, all the more reason to know what ratio fits you best.

CBD-THC Breakdown and How to Pick the Correct Ratio

How do you know the right amount of CBD-THC ratio for you? You want to try the different strains of the CBD and THC before you know what ratio works well with your system. For starters, you are better of playing with CBD and THC separately before you graduate into the use of hybrids. An essential pointer in cracking your CBD-THC ratio is to understand your body and know how it reacts to different proportions. It helps you pick the ratio your body can sustain and maintain. 

If you are starting, there are several forms of marijuana that provide you with a standard CBD to THC ratio that can act as a guide in helping you pick the right ratio for your needs. Some of these products include wax, oil, smoking, vape, and edibles. One can easily compare the best products at weed smart website and buy accordingly. 

The good thing is that there are various CBD-THC ratios to suit each individual’s needs. To pick the right ratio of CBD-THC, start with a ratio of 18:1. It has a high ratio of CBD compared to THC and, therefore, will not make you feel high. Gradually, work your ratios going downwards to help your body manage the ratios and the CBD-THC strains.


Understanding the CBD-THC ratio and what it means to you goes a long way in determining your overall cannabinoid experience. Starting with either of the products is vital before you graduate to CBD-THC  hybrid.  If you are looking to buy CBD oil or CBD products, you must check top place to get CBD oil

Also, pay attention to the cannabis strain you are using for your ratio. Given the several cannabis strains on the market, not all strains will provide you with the best experience. Each strain grows with its unique properties that give particular benefits. Getting some advice from experts and researching on how to pick the right strain for your needs will save you a considerable amount of time. 

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