Today rose water is also used in cooking food just to add extra flavour. With only one single natural ingredient; fresh rose water, you can add a botanical, and a great rosy touch to your preferred or favourite recipes. Over the centuries, this all-common or natural ingredient was used every day in Middle Eastern cooking recipes, however, it has gained popularity in various countries. It is useful since this natural ingredient can be found easily and adds an exciting flair to food both savoury and sweet.

Rosewater extra distillate from roses in a box petals—that’s it! What you think if it would add in vanilla or almond recipes, as a natural ingredient it can add extra flavour and smell in your recipes with only a few drops. It has a sweet flowery taste which can add rosy fragrance in all your favourite dishes. In short, it is one of the best.

Using Rose Water In Food

Nowadays, there are various methods of using rose water in food. Here in this article, you will find seven ways.

Add to gelato or ice cream.

By adding a few drops of rose water in ice cream can speak all about its taste, it changes the cream and sugar into sweet fragrance and excellent ice cream.

Add rose water into milk-related desserts (like milkshakes, pudding, yoghurt, etc.). 

Moreover, rose water and milk when combined together they can something unique and healthy. The non-abrasiveness properties of dairy products and the sensitivity of the rose’s flower flavour can add extra touch in your recipe. While any other type of dairy-based products such as sweet can also upgrade the level of your recipe with a few drops of rosewater during the preparation of milkshakes pudding, yoghurt.

Add in cocktails, drinks & beverage

Yeah, rose water is very useful to make drinks beverage, drinks and cocktails, with or without the alcohol as per your taste. Add a few drops of roses that last a year to give a yummy taste of the juice-based beverage, a spritzer drink and cocktails.

Use Rosewater To make baked goods.

A lot of baked goods that make in Middle Eastern, such baklava, cake, pastries are prepared with the use of few drops of rose water as it provides a complement to the enthusiastic and upgrades the flavours your recipes.

Add to gelatin or agar moulds. 

Have you ever made the exemplary jelled pastry or Turkish delight with use of rose water? This natural ingredient is good to use for great Middle Eastern treat— as Middle Eastern people make candies with the use of rose water aroma.  So, why not give it a go today to make your rose, milk, and honey mould recipe and share with us.

Rosewater adds in jams, jellies, and compotes.

Today it has become necessary to add rose water in your fruity jams just to enhance the taste of these dishes. A recipe with strawberry and rosewater jam will make you excellent and expert chief at home for your family. So, kicking up the taste of toast and jam!

Add rosewater into appetizing vegetable-and salads.

Rosewater can enhance the beauty, taste of dishes such as carrot slaw, a citrus plate of mixed salad, or mixed fruits salad and nuts creamy as it will give a great compliment to your dish. You can also use rose petals to dressing and whisk the salad to get extra flavour.

Final Thought

From an all-encompassing perspective and viewpoint, rose water from Shop A La Rose is well known for its healing properties. Some people add a few drops of rose water to make tea to cure the sore throat while so many people use it for relieving stress. Moreover, it is also used as skin moisturizers or toners to promote healthy skin. It can also help to stay hydrated for a long time.

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