A lab has various equipment which are all used for various purposes. Each test which is being conducted in a laboratory has its own importance. None of the equipment can be replaced by any other equipment. Hence each one has a particular role which they are known for.

Similarly desiccators and pass-through desiccators have a special role in a laboratory. Desiccators are extremely economical and the most reliable way to make the chemicals dry. They assure the dust free preservation for the chemicals. But there are a few questions which has to be answered before buying a desiccator. Let us have a look at the questions.

What are the desiccation methods?

Choosing a desiccators highly depends on the method you are looking for. There are various methods which are performed in a desiccator.

  1. Standard desiccation: In this process, the desiccation process is monitored manually. The removal of moisture from the desiccators is observed.  Standard desiccant are free to use any type of desiccant. One more advantage of standard desiccators are they are portable.
  2. Automatic desiccation: the desiccant here is continuously regenerated by the electric fans and heaters. The electric fans and the heaters are used for the saturation of the desiccant. There is a precise control of humidity in the desiccator.
  3. Gas purge: the method involves a slow and steady flow of inert gas into the chambers. They are dust free and are suitable for cleanroom environment.
  4. Vacuum: Vacuum desiccators are used in order to remove air and moisture from the desiccator. They are the best option for a clean and dry environment for the process to take place.

How to choose a suitable desiccator?

The first and the foremost important step is to choose a desiccator based on the function you want to perform on it. Different desiccators have different qualities and each of them is specialized for their own works. For instance: the standard desiccators are more economical. They require continuous monitoring. Whereas automated desiccators does not require all time monitoring. There is nothing to worry about the sample getting compromised. Vacuum desiccators are more useful in removing the air form the chambers. Hence before choosing any desiccator we should be precise about what do we need from a well-functioning desiccator.

Difference between desiccators and pass-through desiccators

Pass-through desiccators is a type of desiccators. It performs the same function as a desiccator but varies in some ways.

A pass-through desiccator is more useful than a normal desiccator. In a pass-through desiccator the substances can be transferred from one chamber to another without making any changes in the composition of the compound.

In a normal desiccator this facility is not available. Changing or transferring the environment of the chemical can lead to sudden reactions and change in the composition of the elements. This can take even a little bit time to settle the desiccators humidity level but, in a pass-through desiccator it pretty easy than this. In a pass-through desiccator these sort of problems do not arise. Hence they are a better option than the normal desiccators.

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