An aspect of cannabidiol (CBD) that has been emphasized time and again is how it does not cause the psychoactive effects that are typically associated with THC and cause the “high” feeling. THC-rich strains, the chemical that creates the “high” associated with marijuana, induce driving disability up to four hours after vaping, but according to research conducted in the Netherlands, CBD-containing strains do not cause such feelings. The research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

When using cannabis daily, THC tolerance can grow, and there might be minimal handicap (like tolerance to opioids). But this doesn’t mean it’s relatively safe to operate a vehicle. You ought not to drive until you eventually become used to the consequence of this cannabis. The severe effects of inhaled cannabis usually deteriorate after three months

CBD Capsules for driving

The research involved nearly thirty healthy men and women in their early twenties who reported using cannabis no more than twice a week during the previous year but had used cannabis over ten times throughout their life. None of the participants reported using any medication that may have affected their driving. Each person drove a camera-equipped vehicle twice a week for at least an hour on the highway after vaping different levels of THC, a THC and CBD capsules mix, or a placebo.

Most assert that if the CBD content and the THC articles are identical, they cancel out, and you may not have some side effects. But, there are no studies to indicate that this holds in regards to driving. Taking just CBD cannabis can provide you no more side effects and might be a solution for circumstances requiring high cognitive functioning.

THC-dominant cannabis and the mixture of THC/CBD caused impairment for a short-term period, estimated 40 to 100 minutes following the driving session. The impairment was close to that found in drivers with a 0.05 percent blood alcohol level. In all U.S. states with the exception of Utah, where the cap is .05 percent, a blood alcohol level of .08 percent while driving would be deemed a felony.

After taking a placebo or all natural CBD alone, lane weaving showed no difference, suggesting that CBD did not affect driving, as it was administered in the study. Even though the burden of evidence certainly shows substantial psychomotor disability due to THC cannabis usage, it’s hard to predict the level to which a certain level of cannabis could have on a specific individual.

Furthermore, compared to the placebo, CBD-dominant cannabis had little effect on thought or driving skills.

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